Friday, August 05, 2022

Early August Faves

 I am a bit late logging on and joining with Friday Fave Fives.  We've been out of town and just returned this afternoon.  So I am catching up as quickly as I can.

1.  I love hot water.  I am thankful when I have it.  But.  Right now at home, we don't have any because our hot water heater broke.  Fortunately, our son noticed it immediately since he is visiting with us for several days.  Why is not having hot water a fave?  It's not.  But in thinking about what I consider a blessing, hot water is one of those things.

2.  We had company for two nights just after our water heater broke.  A 'girl' who grew up in Indonesia with our children now lives in Thailand with her husband and three daughters.  They are here in the US for a few months and were traveling through our area, so they stopped to visit.  We had the BEST time with them and thoroughly enjoyed chatting and reminiscing with her.  Another nice thing about it was that not having hot water didn't phase them at all.  She grew up like my kids did, and her girls are growing up in a similar way.

3.  The same day our friends left, The Professor and I took off on a short camping trip at a nearby state park.  We took our little motor home and enjoyed three nights of 'glamping'.  Fires in the fire pit.  Relaxing in camp chairs reading books.  A couple of short walks.  We loved our camping trip even though it rained a bit each day.

4.  A long time friend (our children were in high school together) moved a couple of years ago to the area where we camped!  So she drove over and spent four hours with us, and we enjoyed our time with her especially since she will be moving to the east coast to be near her daughter and grandchildren soon.

5.  And now we are home.  I am thankful for my home.

Bonus:  My youngest and oldest children have birthdays this week!


Cathy said...

Hope your hot water heater is fixed soon. Sounds you had some really nice times with friends! Hope you have a great weekend.

ellen b. said...

Oh yes, I do love my hot water and am thankful for it. What fun to have a glamping time. Happy Birthday to Your bookends!

a heartful child said... least the weather is cooperating with the no no hot water! I am thankful for hot water as well. It's amazing how the little things we take for granted turn out to be not that little after all.

Wendy said...

Ah sounds like you had a nice few days away and catching up with friends is always good. Hope the hot water gets fixed soon.

Barbara Harper said...

Hot water is such a blessing. I was reading about a household in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Even though it was a castle, staff had to haul water up and down stairs for baths. They'd think we live in such luxury just being able to turn on a faucet of hot water.

"The guys" here went camping this weekend. My husband and I haven't taken the RV out for a proper camping trip yet. I may suggest that after Labor Day when it cools off a bit.

Glad you had some fun visits! I just started reading Margaret Stringer's book, Jesus Led Me All the Way, and thought about you!

Faith said...

i kind of miss camping. Kind of. How special to have your long time friend join you for a few hours!

Hot water is a HUGE blessing. It's something I don't realize is a blessing until I don't have it!!but 3 younger sisters and I grew up in the summers at our camp in the ADKs and we had NO RUNNING WATER and just an outhouse toilet. Showers were done at grandmas outside town (so across the lake and village from us...our c map was on a small mountain....) and sometmes our hair was washed in the lake! We had to get our drinking and cooking/cleaning water from a spring located 20 min away! Dad would let us each bring a cup to drink of the cool fresh water from the mountains. WOuldn't dare do that nowadays would we??

happy birthday to your children who are celebrating!

nikkipolani said...

While I do appreciate hot water, we are having a very minor problem of not being able to get any cool water for showers -- always comes out hot due to our summer temps, I guess.

Anyway, I love all your connections and visits and reminiscing faves. Those are such treasures aren't they? Mine for this week will be along those very lines :-)

Welcome home!

Susanne said...

Hot water at the turn of the tap is a very huge blessing that so many don't have access to. How nice to have an aquaintance from Indonesia visit you with her family. Your little camping getaway sounds relaxing.

breeze in the night said...

Happy birthday to your children. May Happiness always with them. I love reading your blog. I am from Indonesia. Very nice to meet you.