Monday, June 12, 2006


Angel the Cat loves catnip and I grow some in a pot for her and her cousins Touchy and Hobbs in Visalia. They like to take a sniff once in a while. Angel ate some fresh catnip this morning--it can't be good for her. She's in a corner somewhere sleeping it off.

Ummm, please turn your head sideways to view the drying catnip. I'm working on my photo upload learning curve.


It is amazing how much lavender one can grow in an inner city courtyard garden. I have four plants in the ground and four in pots. Three of the plants do not produce lavender worthy of drying but the other five have bloomed their little hearts out this spring. I have eight bunches of lavender drying in the house right now and the plants are still covered with budding stalks. A swarm of ants got into one of the bunches and I had to put it outdoors. I have never heard of ants liking lavender; I didn't realized that there is anything ant-edible in lavender. Weird, huh?

We are off now to REGISTER for wedding gifts, visit the stationers and look at a reception site. I think an hour in Target is about all either Mia or I will be able to handle. I am easily overwhelmed by any store and I think the housewares and bath sections have a particularly strong effect on me. I'm sure I'll need fortifying with coffee and then with dinner before Precepts.

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