Friday, September 08, 2006

More Than Weather

After two more days of HOT and SUNNY, it looks like today's weather is going to be COOLER but still SUNNY.

Have you recently, or ever, moved? Remember the mess, the explosion of belongings everywhere, the point of maximum expansion? We're almost there. I can't pack the kitchen until after Mia and Tim's reception here at the house next month, but most everything else is going on schedule. Almost all the books are packed. In this house of bibliophiles, that's half the boxes. I packed up the Indonesian artifacts, shells I collected on Papuan beaches, pretty much everything except the carved cassowary eggs. Those will go separately in their own box in my car under my personal supervision. (NO, they are not on the endangered species list; we checked.)

I have packed my yarn. In a very big box. With great care and tenderness. I shut my lovelies in it and taped them in, and wrote J & L Yarn on three sides of the box. We really are moving, I've prepared my yarn. If I need yarn for a project, I'll have to go to my LYS (local yarn store) and get more. (YES! heheh)

Today I plan to pack my spinning supplies. dye pot, carder, spinning wheel. The wheel is a Lendrum folding travel wheel, so all I have to do is fold it up and put it in its traveling case. It, too, will be moved personally by me along with the cassowary eggs.

Lovely weekend ahead. Tim is coming from Camp Pendleton, we plan to get in a walk or bike ride, more packing. What's on your agenda?

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Kiti said...

I'm grading papers and prepping lessons. And wasting time with paperwork.