Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sight Word Bingo

We play Sight Word Bingo once a week in my class. First graders just need to drill and learn those words that don't follow the rules. And it's way more fun to learn when you are playing a game...

Playing Sight Word Bingo every week is paying off! This morning the first graders were taking turns reading books aloud to their classmates. One of my boys wanted to read and I guided him to "The Foot Book" by Dr Seuss. We had studied 'oo' as in foot and book yesterday, so he knew those words. My procedure in reading with students is "by, with, for"--the first time the book is read by ME, the second time with me and the third time the student reads for (or to) me.
He recognized several words from our bingo game, like morning, here, how. I'm so pleased with his progress and he was so pleased when he was able to read the whole book with great enthusiasma and expression to the whole class. Have I ever said that I have the best job in the world???!!

Stickers to reward achievement, cooperation and hard work.

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roxie said...

We use stickers on a poster for the GED students at the jail. Everyone loves stickers. It's kind of hard to find stickers for adult male jailbirds, though, so if you have any suggestions on where to shop, I'd be grateful. Hooray for learning how to read!!