Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Lesson

This evening we had visitors at Willow's Cottage. Friends from Los Angeles stopped by on the way home from a short vacation (Happy 29th Birthday, Doug!). Most every Thursday night for the past three years I have taken my knitting to their house and their daughters have watched me knit sweaters and socks and hats, some of those items for them. They have helped me wind and unwind balls of yarn, choose colors and gauge sizes.

So, tonight I gave a first knitting lesson to this one.

Lots of guided help makes for a successful lesson.

So proud of her first rows of knitting!

Who is this new knitter?

Yes, she looks familiar. My model for the Aran sweater. Just as cute as ever. Just as sweet as ever. Just as much fun as ever!

And her little sister. She had her first 'lesson', too.

The Professor was still teaching when they first arrived. Olivia walked through the house, looking in every room, checking everywhere. Finally she walked back into the living room and asked, "Where's John?" We all know who the favorite one is around here.
Oh yeah. They were accompanied by their parents.

Thanks for stopping by, Peters!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely looking couple and sweet smily daughter! I took a beginning knitting class a couple of years ago and I'm afraid I've forgotten which way the rabbit goes (round the tree... or something)!

Anonymous said...

What a great bunch! :)

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

I really do admire your knitting skills and how wonderful to be passing them on, its a gift that will last a lifetime. What beautiful children! Marion

Unknown said...

Oh how lovely, my son asked me to teach him to knit a few months ago and I was so happy, every now and again he picks it up and works on it a little more and each time I feel ridiculously thrilled.

With regards to the Habu, blogging has introduced me to so many new yarns and fabrics, something which is both wonderful and at the same time dangerous to my bank balance.

roxie said...

My inner crone is so delighted to see that knitting is being passed on! Thanks for sharing. What sweet girls and happy parents.

Bethany said...

Adorable girls and I think it's so wonderful that you taught them to knit!!! It is such a great thing to pass on to future generations!!!

km said...

Yeah for teaching knitting to little ones. I saw your comments on Christina's blog. How do you know her? I've known Christina fince 1995? I think? We met at church. Check out my knit blog... I always like to find another Christian knit blogger.

Beatriz said...

I missed about three posts! How did that happen. Wow. Great pics. I don't really root for the Dodgers, I just like that I can watch the game and knit the whole time!

Mary said...

What beautiful photos. I was once a knitter, but gave it up for crocheting, which is faster. However, the craft needs to be handed down to the younger generation. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by one and all.


ancient one said...

Cuties for sure. Those girls will learn quickly.

I never learned to knit, but do crochet after a fashion. Learned a little from my grandmother and a little from a co-worker who crocheted every day on her lunch hour. I asked her one day, "When you started was that just a straight line?" She took me down to buy a skein of yarn and brought me a crochet needle and the next day at lunch she started me on an afghan. But, I haven't done any of that in years.