Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gardens at Getty Villa

The Gardens are just as impressive as the rest of the Getty Villa.

I can only give you a little 'peek through the windows' with my photos.

The outer peristyle (or open courtyard) has a large rectangular pool complete with fountains and replicas of statues found at the Villa dei Papiri. Meticulously trimmed boxwood hedges line the paths and emphasize the shape of the pool.

The grape arbor on the side provides shade for a bench.

There are irises blooming in the formal garden beds.

In the Herb Garden, many ornamental, kitchen and medicinal herbs grow in large beddings.

Lamb's Ears and, I think, Germander.

Is this Foxglove?

The olive trees are just now putting out their new green olivey fruits.

Rose bushes line the walk leading from the Entry Pavilion to the Arrival Balcony that overlooks the front of the museum.

There are several small ponds with grasses, water lilies and pads floating on the surface and among the ripples.

My favorite spot--the lavender-filled terraces stepping up the sides of the outdoor theater!


ellen b. said...

Very nice! Love the lavender terraces, too!!

Barbara said...

Thanks for showing us the gardens. I just love those steps.

roxie said...

Gorgeous. A sunny vacation in the midst of gray April!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Willow, your Getty posts are fantastic....I love the way you included some educational facts along with all the lovely scenes. Beautifully done!

Knitting Linguist said...

Great flower pictures (yup, those are foxglove -- don't eat 'em!). Aren't those gardens lovely? Would that my yard looked like that...

Bethany said...

Oh, this is gorgeous! Someday I will have to go visit here!!! We were just buying seed packets this morning and so I have gardens on my mind right now... this one is just fantastic! Thanks for posting about it!

annmarie said...

beautiful photos and, yes, I think it would be wonderful to wake up each morning to that view. :)

Anonymous said...

The gardens are just lovely!