Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Opening Doors, Day 3

Opening Doors, Day 3

Gates are doors, aren't they? This gate is in the Tower of London, the Water Gate that opens to the Thames River. Looking down at this gate, I imagined the boats arriving from upriver or from the estuary, carrying their human cargo, those who had displeased the king and were condemned to imprisonment and death within the Tower walls. Or maybe this was the gate that opened to let in the tradesmen bringing fresh produce or perhaps venison, chicken or fish to feed the royalty, warriors and workers who lived there.

And today you get a bonus photo! The portcullis, another door that allowed entry in to The Tower of London.

See lots and lots more doors at Jientje's blog Heaven in Belgium.


ellen b. said...

Hi Willow,
I like these two. Great eye while you were touring the Tower!

Knitting Linguist said...

It is pretty interesting to imagine who and what have been through those doors during the Tower's history, isn't it?

Christine said...

I like the spiky gate. They must not have wanted people climbing it. Very neat.

Anonymous said...

I really like the portcullis picture. with the rope. Kind of eerie.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!! These really are incredible 'doors'. I'm 2nd generation Canadian and some of my ancestry leads to England and Wales, so to me this is very interesting. I would love nothing more than to spend some time in the UK exploring the history there... so these are fitting right in with that life-long dream.

Carletta said...

I see I missed this one Willow.
What a wonderful post.
I've always heard the Tower of London and yet you give new insight into the structure here today.
Very nice.