Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Quiet Week

It was a quiet week here at Willow's Cottage.  Most of the noise came from the covey of quail which have been scurrying around on our back hill, most likely searching for dropped seeds.  One other fun bit of noise came from my computer one evening when our son skyped us again from Indonesia.  We were able to 'see' the view of the green green hills which surround the neighborhood where he is living and even hear the tropical birds chirping.  With her usual perfect timing, our MamaMia phoned so she was able to say hi to her brother from her cell phone to my cell phone to my laptop to his laptop.  Don't you just LOVE technology??

Anyway, as I was saying, our mostly quiet week was still filled with joyful and satisfying things.  I look for these little examples of joy to share in Friday Fave Five.  This little exercise helps me to be watchful and grateful for the blessings of my week.  Susanne hosts this EVERY FRIDAY.  That takes a lot of dedication on her part and I truly do appreciate her taking the lead on this each week.

1.  Every year, on the Thursday before classes begin at Cal State Univ Channel Islands, the lovely people who work in the library host a faculty and families back to school reception in one of the university library's courtyards.  Every year, The Professor and I happily attend and spend a couple of pleasant hours eating wonderful catered dishes, drinking excellent wine, and dipping strawberries, bananas and chocolate chip cookies into the chocolate fountain while we chat with the other faculty and families.

2.  After that rather filling dinner, we strolled around the library lawn and the rest of the campus.  Because the university is nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains near where they descend to the Pacific Ocean, it is natural that most of the grounds are planted with California natives.

I love the bunch grasses! (Well, yes, this one is bluish, but yes, I did doctor the color just a little bit.  But wouldn't it be wonderful if it really were that blue?)

3.  On Saturday, we loaded up our bikes and drove to Ventura and rode the bike/walkway along the beachfront.  It was a perfect day for a bike ride.  Cloudy but not cold.  Breezy but not too windy.

Past Surfers Point

Beyond the pier all the way to the  harbor.
And back.

4.  I've been crocheting.  I had some skeins of leftover wool from a project I knitted for my master knitter certification.  In my quest to use up my yarn stash this year, I decided to see how large an afghan I could make with the four colors-pink, purple, green and cream.  Forty-two squares.  Each 4 1/4 inches across.  A 6 x 7 square design.  Without the edging, the afghan will be 'about' 26 inches by 30 inches.  Not very large, but it will still be 'lap-size'.

5.  My neighbor, who is also my friend, had never been to our little indie coffee shop in town.  So on Tuesday morning we dropped in there for coffee and the best biscotti I have ever tasted!  We agreed that this little shop is the perfect place to meet up every week for a little study session.  Oh, the coffee's great, too.

That was Willow's Week.  I spent the rest of my hours sitting here in the cottage planning lessons which happily are mostly finished. 

How was yours?

Addendum:  Shortly after posting this, I somehow, I really am not sure how, I fell (tripped, stumbled, was a complete clutz?) and severely sprained my right ankle.  It looks like next week will be another Quiet Week around here.


nikkipolani said...

Lovely things in your week, Willow. And, yes, I love technology particularly when it works! What a nice way to start the year -- with food and friendship in a very pretty setting.

Faith said...

What a fun list of faves. I love the university the plants too! and that kite pic is amazing!! Life at the end of summer doesn't get much better than fun bike rides, decadent desserts, and coffee/biscotti with a dear friend! happy weekend!

Tracy said...

LOVE your crochet, Willow--those granny squares are so sweet--love the colors. I am hoping this autumn to at last get on with a crochet ripple throw--have had the yarn ages, just lacking time get going with it as I'm a slow crocheter. Wonderful plants here today! Here we're hoping rain will hold off at the weekend so we can get out & about to savor some last tastes of summer. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Gattina said...

A nice smooth week !

Susanne said...

Oh Willow, I'm so sorry about your ankle. Praying it will heal quickly and you'll be back up and about.

I was just saying on nikkipolani's blog that I have a love/hate relationship with technology.

Love the colors in handiwork!

Hazel said...

Chocolate fountain - yum! The pier gives out a feeling of peace. I'd love to run my fingers on such a lovely afghan. What lovely faves. Happy Friday!

ellen b. said...

Now that's my kind of back to school event. Sounds nice. Glad you got that bike ride in before the ankle incident. Hoping things heal quickly...

Karyn said...

So sorry you've injured yourself! I hope it heals quickly!

Sounds like a great week! Isn't it always a great week when your overseas children Skype you?

Technology is certainly a blessing - especially in the case that your loved ones are far away.

Put your foot up, grab your knitting or a good book and have a restful week!! Let your Professor pamper you, LOTS.

Kathie said...

OH dear Willow - so sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope the pain subsides quickly and that you have enough lap projects to keep you entertained.

Catherine said...

Oh.. I'm sorry about your ankle! Please take care and heal! At least it happened AFTER your lovely week, and you didn't have to miss the nice party, the campus stroll or biking. what a nice campus! The professor must love going to work.
Your crochet work is beautiful. (you are amazing with yarn!)

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful week, sometimes a simple thing like a trip to a new coffee shop can bring us so much joy.

Kari said...

what a lovely week in your corner of the world. I too am very grateful for technology - so wonderful to be able to keep in touch.
I hope your ankle isn't too bad. take care.

Caroline said...

Ohhh! so sorry about your ankle. I hope you heal quickly.

Indie coffee shops are so often the best. We went for a little hike yesterday near Montana de Oro, and my daughter was irritated with us because we stopped at Starbucks in Los Osos beforehand. We told her that sometimes dependability trumps philosophy. We'll have to find a local coffee shop there one of these days.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your ankle! That's not such a good thing. But the rest of your favs are wonderful :) The reception sounds like great fun, and I love that your husband's campus uses California natives - I wish ours did more of that!

Take care of that ankle - it sounds to me like a few trips (by car!) to that lovely coffee shop are in order :)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your #1 sounds great! So much fun. Love the beach umbrellas post, too.

Sweet squares. Willow, you take it easy on that ankle!

Have a good, quiet week.

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh my! I hope your ankle gets better quick. So much for the nice "quiet" week!