Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Geeky, Nerdy Grammar Post

My job is to teach kids to write better.  Last week I taught them about adverbial clauses, those dependent clauses one adds to another clause to provide more information.  Their homework was to take one sentence, "Joe likes to sing" and add seven different adverbial clauses to it.  Here are the sentences written by one of my students:

1.  When Joe likes to sing, I run away.
2.  While Joe likes to sing, I plug my ears.
3.  Joe likes to sing where our fir tree is.
4.  As Joe sings, I rip out my hair.
5.  Since Joe liked to sing, I moved away.
6.  If Joe likes to sing any more, I am going to die.
7.  Although Joe likes to sing, he isn't very good.

I love my job!


Dianna said...

What a fun job you have! I have days I really miss teaching...especially the younger grades.

roxie said...

Hugs to that young genius!

Bethany said...

That kid has a career in comedy!!! Thanks for the chuckle! (He must have a very good teacher too! -- good job!)

ellen b. said...