Friday, February 05, 2016

FFFFF--First February Friday Fave Fives

It's a beautiful beautiful day at Willow's Cottage, this First Friday in February.  I have Five Faves to share with you from my week.  Susanne hosts Friday Fave Fives.  Go HERE to join us!

1.  I have a new-to-me desk!  When my friend was in the process of making changes in her studio, she remembered that I have been looking for a desk for years.  This one is exactly perfect for me.  Low enough for me to sit at and use my computer.  Four drawers.  Roll down top.  And best of all, it's TEAK and matches the rest of our Danish teak furniture!  So she made me an offer.  Let's trade!

2.  The trade we made is perfect for both of us.  I knit.  She loves knitted stuff.  So I have 'indentured' myself to her for xx number of knitted items over the next year.  So far, I've made a man's watch cap type hat, a toddler's hat and a headband.  Now I'm in the process of knitting a shawl from some handspun (by me) wool in all her favorite colors.

3.  The best sign.  Ever.

4.  I finished the New Boy's sweater adjustments.  If you care, you can read about how to lengthen a knitted sweater in this post I wrote earlier this week.  The best part is that I finished it and it's ready to be mailed off to him this weekend.  And I didn't just cut it up and throw it away and start over.  I worked through the process and figured it out.

5.  The-World's-Best-Neighbor borrowed something culinary from me last week and when she returned a NEW bottle of what she borrowed, she also brought me a lovely camellia blossom.  Yes, the camellias are blooming their little hearts out here in Southern California this month.

That's it from Willow's Cottage!  How was your week?  I hope you've had a great week and TOOK NOTE of the blessings.


Faith said...

wonderful blessings!! LOVE the flower pic....and nope..that is NOT the best sign. the best one would say STOP...and smell the pine trees :)

Seriously...have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that pretty desk!!

Barbara H. said...

Love your alliteration. :-) What a sweet deal for the desk - for both of you.

I love that sign. If I lived near the ocean, that would be one of my favorite aspects of it - along with watching it.

Glad you were able to work through the sweater lengthening. Love that flower pic. I need to try camellias again - we tried them once in a spot in front of the house, but nothing has thrived there, so I think the soil must be too shallow there. I have a spot in back of the house where I want to try them. They're so pretty.

ellen b said...

That's a good trade and a great stop sign! I remember your beautiful camellias too! Have a wonderful weekend.

nikkipolani said...

How totally amazing that your friend was ready to give up a desk that was PERFECT for you in every way -- and that she would accept a trade for a product you love making. A perfect match indeed.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I love bartering. Bartering is good. Beautiful colors in the yarn, and the camellia is so pretty. You're so blessed to live where the climate allows for such beauty in February. The stop sign is great. So, is there a pull-out work surface for your desk? xo ~ Nancy

Susanne said...

Hahaha. The FFFFF made me laugh. Aren't you creative! What a sweet return on a borrowed item! Beautiful color to that flower! I am drooling over that is lovely and how nice that you were able to do an exchange.

Tracy said...

Ooo... LOVE your "new" teak desk, Willow... such beautiful wood... *swoon*... Swapping knit for desk--nice deal. ;) LOVE that ocean sign... and the pink camellia... flowers in February... That must be sooo wonderful! Wishing you & yours a LOVE-filled Valentine weekend, my friend ((HUGS)) P.S. Thanks so much for your stop by my place earlier this week, and much fun to hear of how you're celebrating this season of Lent!