Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hellooo, September!

Happy Friday Fave Fives!  Here are five events that made my week blessed and joyful.  Without further ado, Willow's Week:

1.  Our PAL is a curious kid.  Our week was filled with her cheerful and happy chatter and her winsome ways.  She and her daddy flew in to see us over the Labor Day Holiday weekend.

2.  A Day at the Beach.  September is one of the BEST months to be at the beach in Southern California.

3.  A day at the Reagan Library.  Her daddy loves historical places too, just like his dad.  Summer crowds were gone and the school trips haven't started yet, so it wasn't crowded in all the exhibits.

(this is the car I want!)

4.  Her daddy also loves book stores as much as his parents do.  So of course we had to visit THREE:   Bank of Books and Abednego Book Shoppe and Mrs. Figg's Bookworm.  And I found a used book that I've been wanting for awhile!

5.  Remember that outside work?  One large part is finished!  All the decorative rock is gone, and my neighbor who is the recipient is as happy as I am.  This project is ongoing.  Hopefully, next week, there will be a report of more work accomplished (and maybe fewer sore muscles).

Bonus:  kudos to Bob Hope Burbank Airport!  I was able to accompany PAL and her daddy all the way to the gate and wait with them until their plane departed.  That's great service!

Happy Weekend!  Happy September!   Be well.  Knit on.


Wendy said...

Aww lovely photos and sounds like you had a really nice week with your family. I can knit but at the moment I've taken up my crochet again so feeling good about that.

Barbara H. said...

I've forgotten now why you call her PAL. But I'm glad she and her daddy got to visit and you all had such nice outings! The bookstores would appeal to me, and so would the Reagan library. And the beach! Wow, it's rare to be able to accompany travelers to the gate anymore.

Kathie said...

Such a sweet time with your dh, son and grand-daughter! And good for you getting into the picture. I've got to do that more often or they'll never know I was there!! ;)

And visiting bookstores - this sounds like my kind of visit. What book did you find?

We can't go to the gate at our airport and it's so ridiculously small! But the follow protocol to the "t"

Hope you have a great week Willow!

ellen b said...

How great to enjoy this time with your little curious one and her father. That's a nice treat to be able to go all the way to the gate.

busybusybeejay said...

You sound as though you had a great time and I am sure lots of cuddles.PAL?

Saimi said...

Ah the beach, what a perfect way to spend a September day! Your little granddaughter is so adorable, it's nice they were able to come for a visit. I'm glad I stopped by! Have a great weekend

snoopydogknits said...

Wow! Just look at that glorious blue sky. I just LOVE the sunny weather! We don't get enough here in England. Ros x

nikkipolani said...

Great list of things to do in September to beat the crowds! I hadn't considered it a good time for certain museums. How lovely to get a delightful visit from family.

Faith said...

What a fun week it looks like you had...your son, a precious granddaughter, museumns and bookstores and even the beach!! Perfect....

Thanks for your kind comments on the blog about me quitting my job. I'm curious as to why you think it's the best decision (it sure is on my part!! lol)

Have a wonderful week..the weather is downright perfect here in eastern NY....low 70s, blue sky, full sun, a slight breeze, no humidity and tempes down in the 40s at night so all windows open all day and night long...bye bye summer!!

Susanne said...

Your beach days look wonderful! Beaches, museums, bookstores and family sounds like the perfect week to me!