Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the Thirteenth

Happy Friday!  It's not an unlucky day!  This is the day I dedicate a post to focusing on the Five Faves that celebrate what I have appreciated in my life during the week.  I link up with Susanne at her blog.  You can too, HERE.

1.  Rain, Rain! Please stay!  While 60% of California is no longer considered in drought, our area is still lacking.  Evidently, our ground water is seriously depleted.  So we are always thankful for rain.  (Didn't I say that a week ago?  Rain just doesn't get old here.)  In particular, I am thankful that the rainfall has been steady but fairly light.  There have been a few rock slides but nothing catastrophic like we had in our neighborhood two winters ago.  No photos.  Rain pictures are a bit boring, being grey and drippy.  One day this rainy week, someone commented, "Stay dry in this [yucky] wet weather."  My response was that since I'm an Oregon Girl by birth and upbringing, I hardly notice it.

2.  On Wednesday I tutor a delightful young man.  His mom (and her boss) always makes sure that we have a place to work at her office.  (Boss is the father-in-law of one of my former TAs, so that is an additional delight for me.)  I love keeping my brain active in the tutoring and this kid just makes it easy and fun.

3.  I was early for tutoring, so I popped into sit a bit in the coffee shop nearby.  Imagine my delight when I placed my Hidden Natural Histories of Herbs on the table and glanced at the next table over and noticed Herbal Remedies on that table!  It turns out that the young woman sitting there with her book is enrolled in the same online class I am to study herbs and herbal remedies!  What a small and delightful world we live in.

4.  In these unseasonably cold period of weather, I am constantly thankful for the lovely warm jacket with a cozy hood which my daughter gave me to wear during our trip to England (I know, I know!  I still haven't posted any photos of that trip!).  It's wonderful!  She bought one for her and one for me.  I've been wearing mine every day!  Here is a photo showing my daughter wearing hers in Dorchester at the Roman Town House site.

5.  I didn't realize that my friend and I could spend FOUR HOURS chatting just to catch up.  How I treasure my dear friends, each one!


Mereknits said...

WOnderful things to be grateful for my friend. I had a lovely breakfast with a friend yesterday that lasted three hours, right into the lunch crowd.

Deb said...

Sounds like a lovely week! Yay for rain! We need and love it here in AZ too! We are supposed to have rain today, but now the sun is coming out. Darn. It is so fun to catch up with friends. I have had some very long chatty lunches with a couple of my friends as well. Enjoy the week ahead!

Barbara H. said...

Glad you're getting some good rain and hope it continues til your water table catches up. Sounds like tutoring is working out well for both you and your students. A good jacket makes such a difference in cooler weather. Glad you had a good, long catch-up with a friend!

snoopydogknits said...

Sounds like a really lovely week! Hope you enjoyed your time here in the UK! x

Faith said...

A great list of blessings for sure!
I hope your rain continues to water your part of CA.
That's awesome that you can still do a bit of tutoring and how neat about the woman and the herb class!
Enjoy the start of the new week.

Susanne said...

Such a wonderful list of great blessings. Hope your rain continues until you too are out of the drought. Friends are indeed a lovely blessing.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you change up your picture on the blog name - always so pretty. Great faves. Mary

nikkipolani said...

I agree -- those dear friends who can extend conversations for hours on a number of topics, faves indeed.

I love checking in with NOAA site as the days go by, watching our numbers mount up. If we get rain, it's going to be in my faves :-) Had to stop hoarding rain water in our spare garden trash containers because we needed them for... garden trash!

Lovely to hear about how you're keeping active with tutoring and online courses.