Friday, August 25, 2017

Five Faves from Santa Fe

Happy Friday!  It's already time to post Friday Fave Fives.  I've barely been home long enough to catch my breath!  Here are Five more highlights from our trip to New Mexico and Arizona and back.

1.  Spending more days with our son in Santa Fe will always be a fave.  One afternoon we spend exploring here:

There were Churro sheep and weaving looms so I was in fiber heaven!

2.  Since Los Alamos is close by, of course we had to visit the science museum there.  After all, I had science-physics-computer guys in the car with me.

3. And more history.  Bandelier National Monument is a fascinating historical treasure.  Ancient cliff dwellings!

And kivas and villages.

And people displaying and selling woven rugs!

4.  While Dr. Mike worked, we visited a couple of places in Santa Fe.  We avoided the plaza because it was very crowded with 'tourists'.  So we took another short hike, this time up the hill to Cross of the Martyrs.

Beautiful view over the top of Santa Fe.

5.  On our way home we stopped in to spend the night with our PAL!  I had knitted two snuggly shawls for her and her mom.  PAL agreed to model hers for me.

How about if I lie down on the sofa and ottoman to show the shawl's snuggly quality?

And no visit would be complete without a photo of the three of us!  How about if we all sit on the floor?

Hmmm, Bapa is pretty tall!

That sums up Willow's Week and Five Faves although there was So. Much. More! But I had to choose Five.

NOTE:  I know I promised to post the recipe for Indonesian peanut sauce--I will do that this week.  Pinky Finger Promise!


Karen said...

I enjoyed this post. I love Santa Fe and have learned some new places to explore on our next visit. How nice that you have family there!

Susan said...

Hurray, more photos from Santa Fe. When I can't get to the real place, visiting vicariously is more than okay with me.But I have put down a few more things on my to visit (in real life) list: the museums and the cliff dwellings for sure.

How wonderful to be able to visit with PAL. And she is a lovely model for the lovely, snuggly shawl.

I am looking forward to trying your peanut sauce. Last night my daughter and I cobbled together one for our broccoli slaw. Oh, it was like comfort food.

Have a restorative week, Willow.

Susanne said...

What a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love that rug with the birds on the tree branches. Gorgeous. And what a cute model you have for the shawl.

ellen b said...

Pal is such a big girl already. So cute. How nice that your sons are in neighboring states right now. I think they are neighboring. Maybe I'll look at a map after publish this comment. You made the most of your visits!

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful memories.

Faith said...

what beautiful photos and i love that rug with the birds on it!!

Santa Fe looks like a lovely place,to explore and how special to see your gramddaughter too. beautiful work you do!!

enjoy the weekend!

Tracy said...

Fiber, history, landscape, family... what more could one want?!! ;) How CUTE is your PAL!! ((HUGS))

Monica said...

what a fantastic trip! I love trips that include a little history in them. Your PAL is so adorable! Makes a nice model too! :)
thanks for sharing!

Barbara H. said...

What a fun week! Your PAL is getting so big! The shawl is lovely. My husband would love Los Alamos, too.

nikkipolani said...

Wow, quite the week for you, Willow! So many faves packed into one traveling week. Loving those big smiles.

Claudia said...

I loved seeing your Santa Fe pictures! We were there a very long time ago (about 30 years ago) but I remember how much I loved it and the wonderful food. Great shots of the cliff dwellings. Do you remember La Lana Wools - they were based in Santa Fe - such a loss when the owner passed away and the business closed. BTW thanks for the yummy peanut sauce recipe!!!!

UplayOnline said...

what beautiful photos and i love that rug with the birds on it!!