Friday, August 18, 2017

Santa Fe!

I hadn't planned on posting Fave Fives this week because we are visiting our son.  But I decided that I would quickly pop in and post---

Five things I love about Santa Fe, New Mexico

1.  It's where my son lives now.  Closer to us than where he has been for the past two years.

2.  He has a steady income and a rewarding position for the next three years at the Santa Fe Institute.  I have his permission to post this photo of the plaque on his office door.

3.  Santa Fe is an incredibly beautiful spot on earth.  Arid high desert but with pine trees.  High desert here means over 7,000 feet elevation.

4.  Santa Fe has the most interesting architecture.  All Southwest.

5.  Santa Fe boasts many trails and hiking areas.  Each day we've been here we have chosen a place to hike and explore.  We spent about two hours wandering around the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve and could have walked all day and never run out of trails because it connects to the Audubon Society's trail system.

I love exploring new places!


Mereknits said...

Well done by your son, you must be so proud. I'd love to visit there it looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, so beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time. I'm glad Mike is in (what sounds like) such a good job. I hope he will enjoy it there. I'm pretty sure I've driven through Santa Fe, but never stopped to explore. Mary

ellen b. said...

Beautiful. Glad you could visit. Congrats to your boy!

nikkipolani said...

I had to look up what the Santa Fe Institute was about and basically concluded that your son is some kind of super brain ;-) Glad he's closer to you and lives in a beautiful place you'll enjoy whenever you visit.

Susan said...

So glad we got to read your FFF this week. I've never been to Santa Fe. You sure made it sound enticing. Hopefully the altitude didn't bother you too much. What fun to be able to hike and explore in a new terrain.

And what happiness that your son is closer to you two.

Have a lovely week!

Faith said...

wow!! super smart boy you have there!! santa fe sounds wonderful!! would love to hike in that canyon area!! enjoy your visit!!

Gattina said...

Your son is lucky to have found such a nice job in such a beautiful place ! And for your visits it's great too !
BTW my holidays at the sea in Holland were very nice (see Monday post) despite the not very nice weather !

A Joyful Cottage said...

Santa Fe is an interesting town. If he's into art at all I'm sure he's enjoying the galleries and shows. Wonderful architecture. Have a great day!

UplayOnline said...

I'd love to visit there it looks gorgeous.