Friday, April 20, 2018

Greetings From Another Place

Hi!   I've been silent all week from my computer, using only my phone for communication. There are several reasons for that, all of which lead me to being so very thankful.  Here is Willow's Week in Friday Fave Fives.

1.  I took a plane trip.  Two, in fact.  They were supposed to be on the same day and connected by only an hour's wait in a transitional airport.  But.  Yeah.  A maintenance problem with the second airplane grounded me in North Carolina, three thousand miles from home and several hundred miles from my destination.  No, that wasn't the fave.  The fave was that I was given a hotel voucher and two meal vouchers because the issue was maintenance and not weather related.  And that's one reason why I was not in constant communication much on Monday and Tuesday.

2.  I was proud of myself for being brave and leaving the airport and over-nighting by myself in the hotel.  It really really helped that two other travelers banded together with me to make sure we got the correct shuttle and were back at the airport the next morning in time to check in.  The fave?  That there were nice, kind, pleasant people traveling with me.

3.  This was so sweet, but also it made me a little sad.  When my grandsons heard that my plane was delayed 13 hours, they cried.  They had planned to meet me at the gate with SIGNS they had written to greet me.  With my delayed flight, they had to miss picking me up at the airport.  Sad? Yes. But sweet?  Oh so sweet.

4.  Both of my daughters drove to the airport to pick me up--both of them taking a couple of hours off work to meet me.  Mama was feelin' the love.

5.  Lastly, I had a bit of a disaster with my laptop computer.  For the second time on this fairly new computer, the keyboard quit working.  Last time, The Professor was able to do a really weird fix on it that he read online and it actually worked.  But this time, he couldn't find that information to relay to me, so I was without a computer until this morning when I visited a big box electronic store and bought a wireless keyboard.  And now I can type, and that means I can type in a password to get internet access.

BONUS:  And the main reason I made this cross country trip.  My younger daughter had surgery on Wednesday.  I drove her to the hospital for the procedure, waited for news, drove her home.  I having been helping with the kids and caring for her.  All is well.  She is recovering.  I'm so thankful!


Karen said...

That's good news that your daughter's recovery is going well. I'm glad your 'side trip' turned out to be a pleasant one!

Happy weekend to you!

Mereknits said...

YOu are loved so much by your wonderful family because you love and care for them. Glad your daughter is doing well.

Faith said...

oh Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Sounds like it was quite a trip but so thankful you get to be there for your beloved daughter. That is so sweet of your grandsons!!

Thankful that your daughter is recovering well.

have a good weekend.

Wendy said...

Wow it sounds like the start of that trip was stressful but I'm glad you got there eventually and that your daughter is recovering. Computer glitches can be so annoying and frustrating. It's hard not to take them for granted. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend

Susanne said...

So glad to hear your daughter is doing well after surgery. That was a bit of a rough start to your trip but wonderful that you didn't have to spend the night snoozing in chairs at the airport. What a sweet thing your grandkids had planned for you! Computer issues have got to be the most frustrating things. Glad you got it figured out. Enjoy your stay with your daughters.

Barbara H. said...

I hate when that happens with flights, but I guess it can't be helped. It's especially scary when you're alone! That happened once when we traveled as a family when the kids were pretty young. Our first flight of three in one day was delayed, which of course made us miss connecting flights and landed us in Dallas (rather than SC) just as the airport was closing that night. They gave us vouchers, but the restaurants were already closed. But it was nice to get to a hotel with vouchers and a shuttle. So glad you navigated through all of that safely and had some friendly co-passengers to do so with. I understand what you meant about your grandsons' reactions when they couldn't meet you at the airport as planned. So sweet. I'm glad you could go and help your daughter as she has and recovers from surgery - glad she's doing well. Glad the irksome computer problem was worked out, too.

ellen b. said...

So nice that you could be with daughter for and following the surgery. That is so sweet that your grandsons were so looking forward to meeting you at the airport. Hope all the computer woes clear up soon!

Tracy said...

Hi, Willow! Wow... you were brave handling the challenges during your travels. And what a blessing some kind souls helping each other. :) How sweet your grandson wanting to surprise you with a grand welcome--too sweet! VERY glad your daughter is doing well post-surgery... so lovely of mom to go and take care of her. :))) So sorry about your laptop woes. :/ For all the good of the digital things, there are is wonkiness sometimes... LOL! Hope your trip home will be seamless... ((HUGS))