Friday, July 13, 2018

Firsts on the Second Friday in July

I had several FIRSTS this week and want to celebrate them here and share them with others at Friday Fave Fives.  Although it was a quiet ,slow and (for us) very hot week, I found ways to stay cool and engaged.

1.  I finished my FIRST set of hand woven tea towels.  With help, I cut them off a large floor loom and learned the correct way to hem them.

2.  I even pulled out my sewing machine for the FIRST time in a long time to finish up the hemming.

3..  I warped my FIRST loom!  This ten inch Cricket Loom is designed for weaving scarves, mostly.  My friend walked me through the process while she was warping a second one.

4.  For the FIRST time I visited my friend's studio for the group knitting/spinning/weaving afternoon.  I had been to a pre-opening event but hadn't been in since it has opened.  Threadbender Textiles is a store/studio which teaches weaving to special needs young adults. They are learning a skill and then have a venue for selling their creations.  I'm sure I'll be back.  Eleanor tried a bit of spinning, too.

5.  No photo for this, but I made a vegetable lentil soup with this year's FIRST potatoes from the garden.  It contained carrots, kale, basil, parsley and rosemary from my garden, too.


Faith said...

Oh can i please have the soup recipe?? Could i sub something to replace,the lentils?? We don't mind eating red lentil pasta but no one here likes lentils!!

How fun to try new things this week and those tea towels are wonderful!! I love them!!

What an awesome concept of the store that teaches a skill to special needs adults. It makes my teacher heart happy to hear that.

Happy weekend Willow!

Barbara H. said...

That studio is such a wonderful idea! And congrats on learning new skills! What a satisfying meal when most (all?) of it comes from your own garden.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh.....your needlework/thread/yarn work is so beautiful.

Faith said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! WOW!!!!! 45 years!! that is LONG time. good for you!! God's blessings on you.

Gracie Saylor said...

Dear Willow, I have just had a lovely long catch up on your news over the last nearly six months! I am so glad that you and yours, for the most part, have been thriving...or celebrating the lives of loved ones even in grief, or helping out others or enduring the process of sickness to wellness. I enjoyed the photos of your travels including the ones in my neck of the woods. Your crafting continues to inspire me and I especially admire your first weaving! And all in all, I am celebrating with you the goodness of our Lord. Thanks for keeping in touch with your lovely posts xx