Friday, July 06, 2018

The Best From the Beginning of July

Good Morning!  It's Friday!  Here is Willow's Week in Fave Fives.  I always link to Susanne where we all share our best memories from the past week.

1.  As I was searching for a file on my computer, I noticed a folder that was labeled My Children.  Hmmm... what was in it, I wondered.  When I opened it, I was taken back to my children's early childhoods when I saved memories of their little comments and antics.  It was a delight to read.  For example, my two year old daughter stated, "Daughter, Mother, Father.  Dan is not a sun. Sun is in the sky."  My number two son loved 'Pink-n-Robbins' ice cream.  My youngest girl thought that popsicles were “popagatah-gatah”.   That may have been a mixture of Indonesian and English like my older sons' statement, "Tidak go!"

2.  The Fourth.  We stayed home, shared dinner with World's Best Neighbor, then walked up to her place above us and watched the fire works.  I love 'quiet' holidays.

3.  Speaking of World's Best Neighbor, on the weekend we celebrated her late husband's life at his memorial service.  He was originally from

Britain and that showed in all the memories and photos and comments at his service, including reminders of his humor.  We were privileged to be his neighbor for more than a decade.

4.  Mutual friends had moved away but returned for his service so we were able to host them and spend an evening out at an Irish pub with them.

5.  I *heart* my garden!  Evidently, I'm really good at growing lavender and rosemary.  One small lavender plant yielded three bunches of lavender to dry.  And my rosemary TREE has overwhelmed the rest of the garden.  Out it has to go.  So I started a new rosemary plant in a pot and it's thriving, too.

What best things are you remembering today?


Vicki said...

I keep telling my daughter to get a journal and start writing down the hilarious things my two youngest grandkids say. One of the things my granddaughter said was "I want a hot dog on a corn stick", meaning a corn dog.

Sorry about your neighbor!

Love your garden photos!

Jill Foley said...

Oooohhhh...lavender! That's one thing I've never planted in my gardens, but I do love it. We are actually playing at a lavender festival tomorrow.

Barbara H. said...

I wish I had kept such a list from when my kids were little - or copies of letters to grandparents, where I tended to put all that kind of thing. When they sold my m-i-l's house, I asked them to see if she had old letters from me stored there, but only a few were found. Nowadays I write letters on the computer, so copies aren't a problem - but I only write to one person regularly, and all my kids are grown. :-)

I'm glad you got to host your friends, though it was a sad occasion. Fellowship at those events is precious, though.

Wendy said...

I have lavender in my garden too but it needs a bit of trimming back. The smell is lovely, especially when I sit out on the patio late into the evening. Definitely good to jot things down to keep memories alive. I'm trying to get my digital photos organised and get some printed - I want to create albums that the grandkids will hopefully enjoy looking at as they get older. We loved doing that as kids. I don't think looking at them on the computer is the same at all. Sorry about your neighbour but sounds like it was a good memorial service of his life.

Karen said...

What a treasure trove you found in your computer file. I've saved many of the handwritten notes my kids used to write to me -- sometimes they would leave them on my pillow, or it might be a note reminding me that they needed something. I tucked them into my cookbooks and journals, and I just love coming across them.

My lavender is going crazy, too. I need to cut some, too.

Enjoy your weekend:)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Rosemary and Lavender are hard to grow here in New England. I love them and always buy a Rosemary plant which does well in a planter on the porch all summer. I bring it in to over-winter and it usually lasts about 2 years and dies toward the end of the second spring.

Mereknits said...

So sorry about the loss of your friend and neighbor. Glad you could celebrate his life with close friends.

Gattina said...

Good neighbors are very precious. In our street only 4 people remain and only one when we moved in in 1975.

Susanne said...

Kids say the cutest thing. I used to write them on my calendars. We've kept a lot of their little notes and cards, I'll have to go look thru them. Sorry about your neighbor who passed away.

nikkipolani said...

I'm sorry you've lost a great neighbor. Hope the service was an encouragement to his wife.

Hurray for plants that thrive in our gardens! I find that if I grow rosemary, it has to be potted and slightly neglected in a semi-shady spot or it will get too woody and overgrown.

And thanks to your very appropriate question, we did nickname our neighbor Harriet. After all, Wimsey just can't stay away from her. With the excessive heat, we've kept the cats indoors and he positively pines (and whines and begs) at the back door.