Thursday, November 07, 2019

Be Thankful 2

Have you been focusing on Being Thankful this month?  November is the month to do that, but I try to be mindful daily about the blessings in my life.  Here are Five Faves that I am thankful for this week.  The link to post your FRIDAY FAVE FIVES or read what others have written is in the link.

1.  One day we drove to Santa Barbara to visit the Botanic Garden there.    Our purpose was to  purchase some California native plants to add to the slope behind our house.  But since we were at the garden, we decided to walk a couple of the trails and view the autumn colors in a Southern California garden.

2.  No garden in Southern CA is complete without the state flower--the poppy.

3.  The view from the top of the trail  extended all across the city and over the sea (which was fogged in) and out to one of the Channel Islands.  That slightly darker line just below the sky and above the fog is the outline of the island.

4.  A friend gifted me a succulent filled pumpkin.  Evidently, what you do is trim the top off the pumpkin and glue succulents there.  The idea is to have the plants take root in the pumpkin which has not been gutted or carved.  I think it's cute.

5.  Coffee time with a college friend.  We found out that an old friend from college who lives in our county is also moving out of state.  This news prompted us to reach out and grab a coffee time with him before we all disperse.  We had a good time and I especially enjoyed listening to the guys reminisce about their dads who both were professors at the college we attended.

Bonus pictures:

There is so much beauty around us!  Let's be thankful for even the little busy bees and tiny rushes by a pond.  Happy Thanksgiving Month, week two!


Wendy said...

Lovely pictures. Sounds like a good trip out. Enjoy your weekend.

Faith said...

That's an adorable plant!!
Your trail!!! So vastly different from my mountain trails yet with a beauty all its own! Glad you were able to get a hike in.
How fun to reminisce with an old friend over coffee,

Have arelaxing weekend!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I've heard many good things about the SB Botanic Garden! Perhaps one day we will take a drive up the coast for a visit.

I hope you and the Professor have a lovely weekend.

Barbara Harper said...

The pumpkin planter is cute! Glad you had a nice time at the Botanic Garden and a good time catching up with your friend.

Jocelyn said...

I love that botanic garden, and have been wishing to take a weekend trip up there so I can visit it again. Fall in California can be so beautiful :)