Friday, March 06, 2020

Lent Week Two

Happy Friday on this second week of Lent.  I'm late posting my Friday Fave Fives (see below for my excuse).  The link is where you go to join the FFF bunch. I hope you have found blessings in this week as I have:

1.  Foggy mornings.  "Early morning coastal fog, giving way to sunshine later in the day."  It seems like our usual May and June weather has arrived early. I love how the fog sits on the mountains and hovers over the valleys.

2.  Dinner with out of town friends.  They were visiting this week from Arizona, so eight of us got together and enjoyed a fun time.

3.  New cell phones!  It was really past time to replace the old ones. The Professor did all the research and we walked in to the store and just like that we had our new phones.  This time we also bought an 'otterbox' for each of us (it's an extra sturdy casing for the phone).  I'm so thankful for a new cell phone.

4.  This really deserves its own fave.  The new phone has a great camera!

The poinsettia bushes that line the road up to Camarillo Grove Park

5.  I had intended to write this post earlier today, but we decided to take our walk first.  Well, that walk turned into a regular hike and we just kept on going.  There is a park (Camarillo Grove Park) about 1.5 miles from our home, but we hadn't been up there since the city had added a nature center and trail.  Our three mile walk turned into a four mile HIKE.  The nature trail is basically a mountainside switchback up and down and around.  And we didn't even do all of the trail because it was getting late (and cold).  So we will plan another day.  I love the serendipity of an unexpected and fun hike.

Where did you find blessings in your week?


Anonymous said...

Where did I find blessing in my week? The robins began singing outside my windows (pre-dawn) this week; Peter is reading better and better; sweet times of prayer with friends and family; making home-made noodles and Alfredo sauce for a daughter’s birthday; and probably more. Your hikes sound wonderful. (And the pictures from your new phone are great, although i thought the old photos pretty stunning, too. Mary

Deb said...

That hike looks great. Wow, your new phone does have a good camera.

Barbara Harper said...

It's fun to discover the features of a new phone. Always nice to have visitors and get-togethers. Glad you were able to have a fun hike!

ellen b. said...

Woohoo for new phones! Love those poinsettias and I remember seeing them along a road. How nice to have those switchbacks and a nice trail to hike. Happy birthday month to you!

Faith said...

yay for new iphones with great cameras!! I'm loving mine too and we ALWAYS get the otter cases.....really protects them plus their life time warranty is awesome!

love that you got in a good hike!!

Gorgeous pics!

How fun to get together with a group of friends.

Enjoy the start of the new week!

(ps how's the house selling going??)

Mereknits said...

New phones are the best. I still have my old iPhone 7 but it works so I am not getting rid of it yet. Have a wonderful week.

Wendy said...

Definitely a great phone - the photo of those flowers is great. Getting out for a great hike is more important than being on time with your post.

Gattina said...

It's a beautiful landscape where you live ! No our house is not yet sold, the one who wanted to buy it from Boston (!!!) suddenly didn't want anymore, but visits continue, it doesn't disturb me because there are fixed hours and days. Tuesday we had 16 visitors ! Wish you good luck for yours !!

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