Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Penny for My Thoughts

Wednesday Hodgepodge.  (If you click on the drawing below, the link will take you to Joyce's blog)

From this Side of the Pond

1. This week's Hodgepodge lands on Ash Wednesday which signals the beginning of Lent. Do you mark this season in some way? If so tell us more. Did you grow up 'celebrating' Lent? Is attending church part of your weekly routine? Are churches open for in-person worship where you live? 
        Although I did not grow up in a tradition that observes Lent, I have become more involved in the past decade or two.  My art group buddies always do a Lent Bible study (and an Advent one, too).  This year we are reading Phillip Keller's book A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.  We meet via Zoom every Friday morning anyway (they all live in CA and I am the one who moved to OH) so we just move our focus to our current study book.
        Our church here has services on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Usually, we attend the Saturday service with our daughter and grandson.  The church is open for in person services with distancing protocols in place.

2. When is the last time you sat beside a 'real' fire? Do you have a fireplace in your home? Wood or gas logs? Favorite thing cooked over a fire?
        I love fires!  We now have an outdoor fireplace which we used the last time in early November.

        Our new home has a gas fireplace which can be redone into a wood burning fireplace.  This we plan to do and use an insert to help heat this area of the house. 

3. Something that's currently got you fired up? 
        What has me fired up?  People's lack of preparation for emergencies.  Nuf said.

4. February also happens to be National Cabbage Day. Who knew? Do you like cabbage? Is cabbage on your menu Wednesday? Of the following cabbage dishes which is your favorite-coleslaw (mayo or vinegar?), sauerkraut, cabbage rolls, cabbage soup, kielbasa and cabbage, grilled cabbage, bubble and squeak, kimchi, or haluski? 
        Not a cabbage fan.  I will eat coleslaw if it is made with a vegan mayo.  Many years ago, our friends gave us some kimchi which they had made.  I liked it.

5. Do you hang on to pennies? What do you do with them? Last thing you purchased for $1.00? Last thing you purchased for $5.00? 
        I collect pennies (and nickels and dimes).   My uncle got me started in coin collecting when I was about six years old.  I still find coins fascinating.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 
        It is vewy vewy cold here.  I woke up this morning to my phone showing me that it was 1F.  Now it is a balmy 21F.  Snow and ice everywhere.  And more snow and ice expected.  BUT!  I have heat!  And I am so very thankful for that.


Lisa said...

We had a little snow yesterday but in Alabama ANY snow equals a snow day. Our high yesterday was 31 and we have had lows in the teens. Every few years we will have a really cold spell like this one.

Joyce said...

No snow here but lots of rain is headed our way tomorrow. Crazy rain brings it's own kind of trouble. The roofers are here now finally putting up the new gutters. Guess we're going to see if they work : ) Psalm 23 seems like a good Lenten study. I'm in the book of Hebrews with my bible study currently and it feels timely too. Enjoy your day!

Pamela said...

Our snow is melting, what a mess! I was very thankful to have had heat and power during the storm this past weekend. Sorry to see so many in the South without power.

ellen b. said...

Yes, I'm thankful for our heat, too. Many friends in Texas are suffering with those rolling blackouts in below freezing temperatures. Ugh. That sounds like a good group study. Psalm 23 is so rich. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

Romi said...

Your photos are beautiful.
It is cold where I live, too.

Deb J. in Utah said...

We don't have a fireplace here, and I sure wish we did. Our old house had two fireplaces, which I really miss. I may have to get that book about the 23rd Psalm. Sounds like it would be a really good one. Hope things warm up for you. We got a lot of snow here last night and this morning, but so far, we are out of the deep freeze. See you again soon.

Terra said...

I do have a fireplace here in my living room and use it several times a year; it was handy at Christmas because my heater for the front part of the house stopped working in Dec. 23 and was repaired Jan.8. New houses in the town where I live can not have fireplaces, that is bureaucracy gone mad, in my opinion. Our church is having outdoor services with a tent and heaters, although indoor services will soon be allowed.

Karen said...

We woke up to a fresh blanket of snow this morning. As I type this, my husband is out with the snow blower, clearing the drive and the walk. We both have errands today.

I collect the specially minted nickels and quarters with buffalo on them. I love buffalo!

Faith said...

we had some snow flurries in the air as i was running an errand this morning but overall it's been a steady 25 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to get some snow but i doubt we will get much.

I love that you have a fireplace...i'm jealous!!

I make (and it's on my blog under "faithfixes salads" (located on the side bar) a coleslaw salad that's a bit different from regular coleslaw. We only use vegan Hellmanns here (well, dave still used miracle whip....GAG..for his sandwiches). I don't really like cabbage except in slaw.

I've read the Kellor's most excellent! We don't "do " lent as an interdenominational, evangelical church but some people in the church do the practice of giving something up that's like a sacrifice for them. they tend to be the former Catholics. For me, I tend to focus on the Scriptures of Jesus' miracles and then the events leading up to his death on the cross. I'm in the middle of a bible study now with a group of women who come to my home every other Wed so we are going to just continue that until it's finished.

stay cozy!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

And, our winter storm continues and we are over it. We've never had such and are in no way prepared. But, as you, we have electricity and are in good shape, unlike so many others. Have a joyfilled weekend.