Friday, December 31, 2021

Recapping 2021 Blessings

 Ringing out the year.  How are you doing it?  New Year's Eve party?  Staying home cuddled up in blankets watching the ball drop in London so you can go to bed early?

One way I want to celebrate saying 'bye to 2021 is to reflect on the blessings from this past year.  Willows' Week Year with Friday Fave Fives.

1.  Our family has survived the big bad virus.  Some of us have had it, but we are all ok.  Right now, we are home because The Professor tested positive with very mild symptoms, but we don't want to expose anyone else.

2.  This year, The Professor and I have made progress on making our house our home.  Projects have been putting on a new roof, building a pergola on our back patio, removing the above ground pool and prepping the area for a new use (coming in 2022), installing a fence around our back area, establishing a vegetable and herb garden area.

3.  We have spent every holiday with our family and celebrated every birthday.  For us, this is the reason we moved 2,400 miles across the US in 2020.

4.  We've been sinking our roots in to the community, getting to know people and places.

5.  My love of knitting continues.  I've created baby sweaters and hats for two new little ones in our new circle of friends.  I've made a couple of warm blankets to add to the stash here at home.  My favorite project, though, was the vest I knitted for a friend, the couple we call our coffee buddies because we try to meet every week for coffee and conversation somewhere in the county.

On to 2022 and new adventures!  Happy New Year, friends!


Deb J. in Utah said...

So glad your family has survived Covid. I hope the professor is OK, and glad that his symptoms are mild. Sounds like you have had a truly wonderful year and you love your new community. I love your knitting projects. May God bless you and your family in 2022! Happy New Year!

busybusybeejay said...

We also have moved to be nearer to our family.
Happy New Year

Wendy said...

I think the move was definitely worth it although I'm sure it hasn't been without its challenges. I do hope your Professor recovers quickly. Happy New Year!

Susan said...

Glad you did okay with Covid. My daughter got it but the rest of us are fine. Being with your family is so important. I love your knitted projects and your picture at the end. Happy New Year!

Sandi said...

Happy New Year! 🎉

ellen b. said...

It's always good to be on the other side of the VID! Hope the professor's symptoms stay mild. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

nikkipolani said...

Wow. That list in #2 is huge! I hope you'll share more about the backyard space and the process. And that is great you've survived covid with only mild symptoms.

a spirit of simplicity said...

It always makes me happy when families find ways to be together. That's the best. Happy New Year!

Barbara Harper said...

We're thankful that our immediate family hasn't had Covid. Numbers are spiking again here, so I hope we can still avoid it--someone at church and my middle son's job both tested positive this week. My husband's second oldest brother in AZ passed away from Covid two days before Christmas, and his wife is still in ICU with it.

That's quite a list of projects! We have several we want to get to when the weather warms up.

It's so nice to be with family for all the special occasions and everyday ones as well.

Karen said...

Dropping by to wish you a happy new year!! There WERE a lot of blessings in 2021, and I love that you choose to focus on them. Here's to a brand new year!

Susanne said...

Hope the Professor is still feeling well in spite of testing positive. We dodged it after our direct contact with a friend who tested positive and though it threw a kabosh into our time with Mom neither of us came down with it. Love the variegated yarn. It reminds me of my childhood when Mom used to knit the odd thing for us or our dolls. She always let us pick the yarn and I always picked variegated colors.