Friday, October 07, 2022

It's October!

 Can you believe it is October?  We have only three months left of 2022!  And here we are at the end of the week.  It's Friday.  And time for Friday Fave Fives, my weekly focus on being thankful.

1.  Our granddaughter ZG turned sixteen!  We celebrated by having dinner at Cracker Barrel (her choice) and then returning home to enjoy some cake.

2.  Finally, I pulled out my small cricket loom and wove a scarf!  It has been awhile.  It is finished, and I will have to take some photos of it before it gets mailed off to its new owner.

3.  And along with that, I have to state that I am thankful that The Professor always helps me with the warping.  (that's the first part where you have to place ALL.THE.STRANDS of yarn on the loom length wise.

4.  The patio is finished!  Maybe if it is not too chilly this evening, we will lit our first fire.  Our contractor even brought over a pile of wood and placed it in the firepit for us to burn.

5.  And last but certainly not least, a visit from very dear friends from California.  We were in a Bible study small group with them for more than ten years, meeting every week at their home.  They were in our area for a funeral and saved Saturday evening and Sunday morning to spend time with us.  We know each other well enough that when all the plans for meeting them for dinner tanked because they couldn't get a rental car (it was closed!), we just went on the plan B and then plan C.  All the laughter, memories, conversations.  Then they managed to get a rental car in the morning and made it to attend church with us Sunday morning.  I really do think their visit was the highlight of our week.


Deb J. in Utah said...

So glad that you could get together with friends from California. I love your new patio. What a great place for family gatherings through the years. Enjoy your weekend. See you again soon!

Barbara Harper said...

Wow, your patio looks gorgeous! I hope you have many fun times there!

I love Cracker Barrel, too.

The visit with friends sounds so fun.

Anonymous said...

What a great patio and fire pit! I foresee many happy gatherings over the coming years. Re warping: no help is precisely why I sold my loom years ago. So glad the Professor helps you with it. Mary

Wendy said...

Your patio looks great! And glad you could meet up with your friends. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Susanne said...

The patio is gorgeous! I see many relaxed and happy times spent there with family and friends! Nice to get together with friends from across the country. Happy birthday to your granddaughter!

Faith said...

I LOVE your outdoor space!! I have a deck not a patio but I'd LOVE to add a patio extending out from the deck to our fire pit. It turned out beautifully!! I hope you got to enjoy a nice fire with family and your CA friends.

Sounds like a wonderful week of blessings and HAppy Birthday to your sweet 16 granddaughter!!

Mia B. said...

So glad you had such a lovely time with friends last weekend! I can't wait for all the fires on your beautiful patio!!

ellen b. said...

Your new patio is amazing!! A wonderful space to enjoy! A sixteen year old! Wow! Happy October to you!