Sunday, April 23, 2006

Home Again

We got home from Morro Bay last night about dark. We have had a lovely vacation--about 100 hours away from LA traffic. We enjoyed our visit in Visalia with Jeff and Deb and while we were there we took two 5 mile bike rides around town, visited the local knit shop, had coffee with Debbie and Jerry, bbq lunch at Deb's office (the boss lady referred to Deb as a diamond! Yes, my girl does shine!) and morning coffee with Deb before work. Of course I enjoyed playing with the boys, Touchy and Hobbes a bit although they usually ignore me.

We took off from Visalia Thursday morning and drove the back roads to Morro Bay. I never used to get car sick but again Thursday I was a little woozy by the time we got out to the ocean. Maybe I shouldn't try to knit on windy roads...

I love Morro Bay. We walked out to the jetty and on the beach; we rode our bikes 20 miles to Los Osos and back; we visited a funky used book store, the Two Dogs' Coffee Shop, Willow Creek Beads, a couple of great restaurants along the Embarcadero; we soaked up slow traffic, friendly people, even met and conversed with a group of INDONESIAN speaking tourists. Best part? Probably the bike rides and relaxing. We needed it. On the way home we stopped to see Martha and Will and Joy. Starbuck's pastries and blueberries.

Mia got in from Philadelphia last night and John picked her up at LAX. We crashed and got up this morning and went to GBCLB and did the usual coffee at Starbuck's and dinner after. Today we went to a mall, bought me some shoes and met Mike at Red Robin for lunch. I love a week when I get to see all my kids!

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