Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I am using Deb's laptop to write this evening because even though we have our wireless card in my laptop and it worked last night, it's not working today. Technology...

We have had a nice time visiting Visalia. We dropped Mia off at LAX to fly to Philadelphia and then we drove up to Visalia arriving just before Deb got home from work. After a nice dinner we hung out and then went to bed. This morning we rode our bikes to the AAA office to get a map of Visalia (about 5 miles) and then we went to lunch at Deb's office. That was really fun because the people she works with are great people and they seem to really like her. And she's really happy working there. We had made sate and teriyaki and took them to bbq. Then we met Debbie and Jerry for coffee and had a good chat and picked up some freshly ground whole wheat flour. After that, we got our bikes and took another 5 mile ride along the St. John's River. After a dinner of more sate, rice and green beans, and ice cream, we watched a Thin Man movie.

Tomorrow we are going on over to Morro Bay for a couple days of beach walking, bike riding and relaxing at the motel. We have plenty of books and I have my knitting.

Speaking of knitting, I've finished the vanilla socks and wore them last night for a while.

Also, I received TKGA Master Handknitting Level 3 instructions. OK, I'm a good knitter, but I've never heard of tubular cast-off! I've got to find out what it is so I can do it on the first swatch.

I haven't written about my wonderful two day visit to Ventura County to see my good friends Joy and Sandy and my sil Martha. I had a GREAT time and even visited the Channel Islands National Park in Ventura. I LOVE the beach!

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