Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Week

I want to mention that I spent a great two days in Camarillo last week. I drove up Wednesday morning to my friend Sandy's and we talked nonstop until 1 am and then got up in the morning and started in again. Sandy has a business teaching writing to grade, middle and high schoolers. We have a lot in common and enjoy bouncing ideas off each other. After eating lunch at the Ventura Marina we walked over to the beach and then to the Channel Islands National Park/Museum where we were able to climb up the tower and look around Ventura, and out to the Channel Islands. It was a beautiful day and we just stood up there and looked out toward Hawaii...
I spent the afternoon with Martha and came away laden with treasures as usual. Martha always makes me laugh :) Then at the last hour I drove to Joy's and got some blueberries for Easter dinner.
I ended up having to pick up Mia at Biola so I drove straight down the 101 to the 5 and over to LaMirada. Way too much night driving for me!
But all in all I had a great getaway. But who wouldn't if you went to a place you love and were treated as a dear friend every place you visited?

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