Monday, April 10, 2006

Vanilla Socks

OK, I just wrote a long entry and somehow deleted it. So you are going to get the short version.

I knitted for a bit on the white socks which are actually VANILLA, according to the Brown Sheep Co. Wildfoote Yarn label. I like the yarn for the most part but it does split when you're knitting as everyone knows and which annoys everyone. I was driving down Imperial Hwy after dropping Mia off at Biola and I was missing EVERY stoplight. So I pulled out my sock and knitted at the stoplights and got 3 or 4 rounds knitted up by the time I made it to the 105 Fwy. Portable knitting projects are the best!

I started working this morning with the sweetest first grader named Karisma. She's not too sure about coming to my room and so I have beguiled her with stickers. K is really quite smart but she is so sensitive she has been in tears several times over having to come work with me. Now she's finding out it's so much fun--writing on blackboards and with crayons and getting stickers. K reads well, just has developed some really bad writing habits which I think will self correct quickly with a little guidance.

The older girls are writing sponsor letters for me to send to my sponsors. heheh. This month I'll send those out as thank yous. The girls are having some much fun with the letters. They get to erase and that's a big deal in our classroom! And the best part is that they asked if they could write them and they practiced all the words and spellings and it is really being a fun learning project.

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