Thursday, December 14, 2006

buying presents

I am finished with Christmas present purchases. John has a couple to buy to round out the stocking surprises, but I AM DONE. Yeah!

I'm having a hard time realizing that Christmas is 11 days away...I'm thinking maybe three-four weeks. Yesterday I bought a fir and cone wreath at TJ's and put it on a table in the dining room. That is the first decoration I've put out. No worries though, the weekend is coming. I hope to have the house cleaned and ready for decorating by tomorrow afternoon. (secret: a friend who needs a little extra cash right now is coming to clean tomorrow--it's a symbiotic relationship).

Mike, et al, will be staying here during the wedding weekend for his friends and the back rooms will be ready. The afghan is still laid out on the bed and I haven't started stitching. Just don't quite know where to begin on that thang.

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