Friday, December 08, 2006

Sleepy Kitty

According to blogger, I am posting my 100th post tonight.

As it is almost bedtime, this will be quick. Besides I'm sleepy.

Fridays are nice because I don't go in to school. Today the farthest I ventured was my side yard to plant the mum Mia brought up on Thanksgiving Day. It was not thriving in the house, so I planted it outside, hoping it will revive. I spent a few minutes outside clipping faded roses, watering the pots, and harvesting catnip and basil. The catnip is drying and the basil was used in a fettucine dish for dinner--just basil, garlic and tomatoes sauteed in olive oil and tossed with fettucine (whole wheat from Trader Joe's).

The rest of my day was spent quietly cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. This evening we finished watching the first disk of Netflick's Bones Season 1. Love that show. Besides loving to watch movies, I am happy to sit in my grandma chair and knit while I watch. I don't worry about running out of yarn. I have a whole dresser full, four drawers. Can't have too much yarn.

I am looking forward to having a new digital camera. I really am hoping for one for Christmas. If I don't get one, I plan on purchasing my own. I really miss the one I share with Mike when he is using it (like now). I have some great knitting stuff I want to share but can't without a camera.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing Deb and Jeff. We're meeting in the middle between LA and Fresno to give them a nice grandmother's sheet music cabinet.

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