Monday, December 11, 2006

Gift Ideas

Not for me. For Mike. This is for people who are buying gifts for him.

After The Ice. He left his copy in Hawaii.

Three book trilogy about Horemheb by P.C. Doherty
An Evil Spirit Out of the West
The Season of the Hyaena
The Year of the Cobra

I am preparing a talk about dyslexia and about teaching reading in the inner city. I will be talking to a Biola University class on Saturday. I did this lecture last year, but I can't find my notes so I am preparing a whole new talk. I enjoy talking about what I do, so I'm looking forward to the time.

As we are getting in to the Christmas season, our calendar is filling up. I intentionally stayed home from a Ladies' Tea yesterday afternoon, knowing it would just be too much for the weekend. Our drive to Bakersfield to meet Deb and Debbie was wonderful but took most of the day on Saturday and then we house/cat sat overnight so we were gone a lot of the weekend. I'm taking a lesson from a friend who encourages me to save time for myself. She's right, of course, and I am working at allowing myself downtime.

This evening John and I are meeting with his Monday a little social time. I'm baking cookies to take. I love Christmas baking and I'm seriously taking this afternoon to do the baking. It's so good to plan out the time and then do it.

Tomorrow is a super busy day with teaching, dentist appts, meetings and then hopefully shopping before John has class and I go walking on the beach with Kristie.

Wednesday is the usual teaching then racing for the beach cities before traffic hits to have dinner and go to my Bible class. Thursday is a normal schedule too, with daily duties and WI small group at night.

Friday--help with set up for the Toy Store at school.

Saturday--lecture in the morning and then Gautum and Vicki's wedding in the afternoon.

All this to say, I don't need any more activities.

We don't even have our tree yet or any Christmas decorations out. Many presents are wrapped and we are drinking out of our Christmas mugs, but I haven't opened any boxes of decorations. Maybe this week.

However, all my Christmas cards are written, sealed and mailed.

Knitting? Oh yes, lots of it, but I'm not talking. Don't want to spoil any surprises.

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