Monday, December 04, 2006

new laptop

Deb mentioned in her blog that technology hates her. It's genetic. She gets it from me. John went to the store alone to make the purchase. I won't take any chances with my ruining every device in the store by my presence. Now last night we excitedly opened the box and John set up the computer and I sat down to turn it on and do all the new downloads with John looking over my shoulder and OF COURSE our phone line is out and we have no land line and then last night our wireless connection wouldn't work either. We had to wait until this morning to complete the set up. But it's done now and I have a new laptop computer! Thanks to Jeff for good advice on brands to buy.


Anonymous said...

I jealous! I have been trying to get one myself.

Willow said...

do you have an address in KC, Rea? or a phone number?