Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Finished Projects

Dear readers, you almost did not get to read this post. Without the excellent technical coaching of Deb, this post would have been buried, lost, deleted, in short, GONE. I accidently posted it on another blog list I belong to, and I had NO IDEA how to recover from my mistake. But, Deb the super girl came to my rescue! And now I know how to fix photos, move text and delete my mistakes. Thanks Deb!

At long last, I can show some photos of finished work. During December I felted and sewed purses for my girls. One I kept for myself--a gray bag with pink accents.

The afghan for Cori and Travis is finished and will travel with me to Oregon tomorrow. This project has been my constant companion for two months. While I have really enjoyed learning a new crochet technique, the seaming did get old.
I think I counted 226 hexagons. And each one has 18 "sides" to stitch. Just think about it...

I always enjoy knitting socks. This pair turned out quite nice. I used some Elka (from Holland) yarn, 70% wool. I cast on 48 stitches, used a slightly larger needle than I usually use.

When your brother hunts in the woods, you want him to be noticeable and easily distinguishable from an elk or deer. So you knit him BRIGHT ORANGE caps to wear for identification (read all you hunters: This one is loved and you'd better not point any loaded guns in his direction). The hot orange cap is 100% acrylic so it can be washed and dried with abandon, but it was so boring to knit that I just had to make the other one, too.

Initials knitted into the inside hem.

Slip stitch is one of my favorite color stitches to make. It looks so much harder than it actually is. All you do is slip a stitch from one needle to the other WITHOUT KNITTING IT and keep the yarn in front to make the horizontal line. Then when you purl the next row you just purl all the stitches.
Here I used the main pumpkin color and light gray and light brown for contrast.

Now it is time to stop procrastinating and go pack. The news on the street is that it is going to be cold up there in the Pacific Northwest. This California girl doesn't have much in the way of warm wooly garments, so I will have to reach into the back or my closet and into my past and pull out some warm sweaters.


Mama Mia said...

Mumsy, I am always amazed at your creative genius! Honestly, what you can do with a few wooden sticks and a bundle of twisted wool to make it beautiful is astounding. I really like how the orange hat with slip stich turned out... the number of stripes is perfect.


Anonymous said...

I am using your blog to say hi to Mia! So how is married life?