Tuesday, January 02, 2007



We arrived home in LA from Phoenix last night after stopping to visit with John's Aunt Dorothy for about an hour. We hadn't seen her for quite a long while so it was nice to visit with her.
Traveling with us this trip was Ferdinand the Monkey. Ferdinand is actually Mia's. He is a well traveled primate and has visited Papua New Guinea and Iraq. He decided to go with us to Phoenix and begged and begged for a new vest. So I knitted this one up for him. He says he's ready to go back home just in time to move. I think he probably has a couple of banana stashes around that he wants to be sure will get on the truck on Friday when Tim and Mia move to Chula Vista.
Our visit with Dan and Jennifer was wonderful in a warm, homey Hobbit sort of way. We watched more than twelve hours of The Lord of the Rings, all three extended disks. Of course, if you're going to watch hobbits doing anything, you need to fortify yourself appropriately. So, we enjoyed eggs and hash, coffee and mushrooms for breakfast, scones and tarts with tea for second breakfast, pizza, salad and soda for luncheon, pot roast and bread and rolls for dinner, and for dessert we indulged in fruit dipped in chocolate from the chocolate fountain. I'm sure I've forgotten some meals and foods, but by the time I'd eaten luncheon I was overloaded and lost conscious thought of what I was eating. It was ALL very tasty. We welcomed the New Year with Martinelli's and toasted each other--Meli, Jennifer, Dan, Sam, Melissa and us.
New Year's morning Deb joined us at Starbuck's for coffee and we chatted for a couple of hours before heading west again.

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Mama Mia said...

We've decided to start writing down stories about Ferdinand the Monkey to tell to our kids. I'm going to take this post and expound on it. :o) If you ever feel like writing stories about the misadventures of Ferdinand for your future grandkids, let me know!