Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mike

Mike's birthday was Friday. I love seeing my kids on their birthdays, so it was a treat to have lunch with Mike near his office that day. He says that being 26 is about the same as being 25 years, 364 days. We also celebrated on Sunday night with dinner at Nyala Restaurant, an Ethiopian place in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax.
When I think of Mike's birth, it is always with a great sense of thankfulness. I had been very sick with malaria and there was a point when John and I both thought we would lose this baby. I am grateful daily that God protected me and Mike and that Mike is a healthy guy with no effects of the trauma surrounding his birth. I tell him that his brain just got a little fried from the fever.
Mike has always been a happy kid. He brought joy and laughter to our family as a child and he still does so today. He loves to tease me by subtly blocking my movements around the kitchen and grins when I finally figure out it's intentional. You'd think I would expect it by now, but he just looks so innocent. I love to hear him laugh.
I'll always remember his escapade with fire, bamboo and kerosene when he burned off his eyebrows, eyelashes and bangs. He loved to fish for shrimp in the stream by our house in Sowi IV. He has always been protective of his mom, stopping traffic in parking lots to let the "pregnant lady, pregnant lady" cross the street.
Mike, may you always enjoy life and remember your roots as "manir Meyokda"! And may you never run out of new ideas.

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