Thursday, January 04, 2007


Everyone has life goals. Sometimes we express them, sometimes we are not even sure what goals we have. I know my life goals include reading and owning all the Newberry Award books and finishing The Knitting Guild Association's Master Handknitting Certification program.

Jennifer expressed a goal to learn to knit and so Mia and Tim helped her this Christmas by giving her a learn to knit kit. I think she's doing a good job already .

I have always liked cute clothes. It's not really a goal for me to wear cute clothes, but I guess if my daughter is willing to be seen in a shirt, it must be cute and relatively in style.

I have a great job. I got to play Sight Word Bingo at work today with one of the world's cutest first graders. Who wouldn't love to go to work and play? It's a good opportunity to chat...I learned way too much about shootings in his neighborhood, being left alone, and "family dynamics".


Anonymous said...

Re: simple living... I think warmth and something else I want to call abundance are keys to successful frugal/simple living. I have seen stark cold unfruitful living both in frugal scroogy situations and in luxurious settings. Maybe fruitful is a better word than abundance. At any rate, being frugal in the miserly scroogy way leads to dissatisfaction, coveting and whining. I think you are good at the warm stuff, just pointing out that can be a focus. Pots of soup and herbs, knitting, music, pretty blue glass, and so forth (of course everyone likes different things, but I know those are ones you already do) make the bones of a warm simple life. Wishing a lovely year. Debbie

Kiti said...

Mumsie, whatever your goals, you are already an Internet celebrity. Melissa Guthrie spoke of her awe at meeting at Dan's wedding: "Willow? WILLOW?!? Is it really you?" You had commented on her blog a few times, and she is much impressed with all that you do (not to mention your ability to bear and rear fine children).

And on that other subject, I learn SO MUCH about my students' lives by just chatting with them. I think they give away more than they realize, sometimes, and if I were a trained listener (like a psychologist or social worker), I'd probably learn even more.

I think one of your life goals should be to make Willow's Cottage into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Willow said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments, Debbie. I am thinking of more I want to write about simple living.
Kiti, maybe I WILL do more with Willow's Cottage. Millions or dollars? Probably not, b/c it would lose its focus if it got that big.