Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knitting update

Here is a close up photo of the entrelac cast off for Roxie. It looks "ok" but I didn't follow the directions because the directions didn't make sense to me. I found two other "mistakes" (read: I didn't understand and so I did it my way) in the pattern, so when I got to the cast off I just did a normal cast off. I get a little crazy about following the directions because this is a swatch for the Level 3 Master Knitter's certification, and I know the judges are meticulous.

The entrelac square

I started a new afghan, using Roxie's pattern. My plan is to use up left overs in my stash, the colorway being cream, brown, and gray and I'll use the three skeins of Tivoli Celtic Aran heather yarn from Blarney Woolen Mills in Ireland that Chippie brought me several years ago.
The other yarns are Cleckheaton, Galway and KidnEwe.

My blocks are just a smidge over 5 inches wide. I am making 7 blocks across, so my afghan width will be 36 inches.

The finished Silky Wool scarf.

And, no, I don't know why I have two photos here, but I don't have time right now to figure it out.


roxie said...

The entrelac square looks beautiful. Good luck with it. Personally, I hate entrelac. Wayyy too fiddly. You're up to level three already? Woohoo! Go Linda!!

The afghan is going to be stunning! And the scarf is knock the socks off lovely! Good job.

Willow said...

I personally would never do entrelac or argyle socks in real life by choice, but it's good to know the technique so if they ever show up in a pattern I can avoid them :)