Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Descanso Gardens, Part II

Descanso Gardens has interesting architectural details in odd little places. This gate was at the back of the original owners' house. A gate is a gate, but this gate is a piece of art.

The courtyard at the entrance provided tables and chairs for resting and consuming the various culinary options. The lanterns nestled among the beams and bamboo.

In the house garden,
the beauty of back lighted leaves.

Oak leaf

Mantilla poppies grow very tall. We saw a mantilla poppy in Camarillo and didn't know what it was, other than it was almost certainly from the poppy family. It was just there in a neighbor's front garden, blooming all by itself in its considerable glory. We found this one at the gardens and I was pleased to identify it.

This Jeffrey pine tree is for my son in law Jeff--a tree named after him, or is he named after the tree?


Unknown said...

Gosh those photos are stunning and it all looks so lovely bathed in sunshine.

I am in fits of giggles over your sock knitting as therapy comment, you are so right, if only we could get this message through to the world, a happier place it would be surely?

roxie said...

Wow, that gate is gorgeous! What a lovely place that garden is.