Friday, June 15, 2007

Why I Need To Learn To Use Photoshop

I like this photo of Deb. She looks like a model or celeb. But what is Chaplain Dan doing in the background? Or the guy with the camera and tripod? Or the man in black back there against the white picket fence?

On the ride up to Visalia and back down (3 hours minimum each way; on the way home we hit Friday night Los Angeles freeway traffic), I knitted on the Cashsoft sweater. I am combining two patterns. I'm using the edging from one pattern, Ladies' Anthracite Jacket, from a small book titled Inspiration published by Schachenmayr nomotta. I have no memory of where I bought the book, just remember knitting up the sweater in navy alpaca/cotton blend I bought from a sale bin at Woodland Woolworks in Carlton, Oregon, so that dates it before 2000. I know I wore the sweater to a memorial service for two people we knew who died on the plane that crashed in Sumatra, Indonesia and Mike and Mia were with us so it had to be before Fall 1999 when Mike left for college. Weird how our minds remember things. I remember because I was really, really hot in that sweater in the room with so many people. The rest of the basic sweater pattern I'm adapting from a Sirdar pattern, Legend. I finished the right front and have five inches of the left front finished. I also cast on and did the edging for the back because I had the size 3 needles just sitting there waiting to be used again. Most of the body of the sweater is stockinette, which gets as boring as riding down Hwy 99 through the Central Valley when the temperature is 108.

This is just the yummiest yarn to knit. It's soft and slides off the needles so smoothly, doesn't split, and if it gets a tangle, it comes undone easily, as easily as an Elven rope. I'm thinking a cable sweater would be great done in this yarn. Not the TKGA Aran sweater, though; I want to enjoy the Cashsoft, not make it work so hard for me.


Anonymous said...

Well, school is over!:(
Well, school is over!:)
Bitter sweet?

Unknown said...

That Cashsoft is really lovely stuff, I used it for the first time recently and am eager to knit with it again very soon.

Thank you for your kind words on my post, feeling a little better already.