Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

We attended a family wedding in the Walnut Grove at the Tierra Rejada Ranch on Saturday afternoon. The bride is our niece. Congratulations, Mike and Becky!

All the cousins and spouses were there except JR and Jeff. Dan is hidden behind the groom. I know the photo is dark but I don't have time to mess with it today.

The sun was shining through the walnut trees and so the sunglasses were out in full force.

Dan and Jennifer

Tim and Mia

Deb and Jen

Mike and Deb

John and I don't wear sunglasses, so we didn't get into the celebrity line up. I was sooo good, I didn't even take any knitting!

1 comment:

roxie said...

Didn't take your knitting? Shame on you! That is NOT something to brag about.

Looks like a nice wedding, though.