Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Christmas In September

Isn't it September? Haven't I just started back to school? Didn't we in the US just celebrate Labor Day last week? Isn't Mama Mia's 1st wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks? Didn't The Professor and I just comment that September 4th would have been his parents' 65th anniversary and is the 35th anniversary of our engagement?

Then, why oh why, is my Christmas cactus blooming?

It bloomed in the spring and is blooming again, having at least twenty buds on its spindly neglected stems. When we moved, I threw my houseplants in the back of the car, squished them down so they would fit in the trunk (boot) and after we arrived at the new house, I shoved them along the side of the car port and ignored them, not even remembering to water them most of the time. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to drag them around to the front door so I might remember to water them more often, but I haven't decided where I want them in the house so they've stayed outside, enduring the cool evening breezes and the hot, hot days this week. Evidently, the Christmas cactus thrives on neglect and severe weather extremes.

School has been a little crazy. Because I work with kindergarteners, I never know what kind of a day I'll have. Yesterday we had three little ones screaming and crying for their mamas. Today was better, only two screamers, and then they only cried intermittently. Even so, I am amazed at how much these little five year olds are learning. They can line up now, they know where to go for snack time and lunch, they are even learning the names of the letters. Each day we repeat everything and a few more kids 'get it'. "Zip your lips and tiptoe past the other classrooms." After using the restroom, "Flush and Wash." "A says 'a', as in apple." Working with little ones can be great fun; they just suck up the knowledge like little sponges.

I went to my knitting group last night but only one other person showed up (good to see you, Kristin!). I just sat there and worked on my next baby sweater. This time I am using Caron Simply Soft. Same pattern-- Pure and Simple Neck down Cardigan. I love that pattern.

Basketweave stitch in the body, garter stitch ribbing.

What do you think? Is it a boy's sweater or a girl's?


Mama Mia said...

oohhh... I like the effect of basketweave for a sweater!
It could be a boy or girl's, depending on the buttons and if you use flowers or trains to decorate (or whatever you choose).

Anonymous said...

If you make it bigger :) it could be a girl sweater for a long lost friend in South America. :)

Catherine said...

You must have a green thumb with house plants, It it letting you know how happy it is! :)

ancient one said...

Christmas Cactus! Love 'em! And the sweater is such a pretty shade of blue. Boy or Girl... I remember when my oldest grandson started kindergarten. I kept him after school while his mom and dad worked. The very first day, he came home and rearranged the toy room and set up "centers" and had me put up stings over each center and you couldn't play there unless you had a clothes pen. He was a quick learner. LOL

kate said...

You are a brave woman working with kindergarteners. I remember back to my son's first day ... and the chaos. There's a lot of joy too, I would imagine.

The basketweave is beautiful - I'd say for a girl because it is a great shade of blue ... and a change from 'pink for girls' is always a fine idea!

Barbara said...

Unisex I say. Yu must have lots of patience to teach such young children.
I was asked recently if I would do one afternoon a week as a classroom assisstant in the reception class of our church school.
That is just not my scene.

roxie said...

The nice thing about der kinder is that you still outweigh them, and they haven't figured out how to gang up on you yet.

You seem to have a rare Labor Day Cactus. They thrive on neglect.

As for the sweater, I dunno - it looks awfully blue to me. Of course, you could use the Elizabeth Zimmerman trick - make buttonholes on both side, then when you know the sex, sew the buttons over the holes on the appropriate side.

Or close it with ties.

Unknown said...

One of Tilly's little friends was crying this morning and all the mummies at the gate had lumps in their throats, so hard.

Glad you like the look of the Charmed Knits book, my husband fancies a Weasley Sweater himself.

Anonymous said...

My parents have Christmas cactus, too - wonder if theirs is blooming! I like the way your gauge your days - by the number of screamers :-)

Becky said...

Hey you, sorry I missed Tuesday, but I was working overtime.

So, how's the new job?

Anonymous said...

Glad school is going better- good to see you on Tuesday. Did you go to knitting on Thurs?