Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Downtown Los Angeles: Random Views

When you do the tourist thing in Los Angeles, you don't have to limit yourself to looking for the Hollywood sign, cool as it is, searching for Movie Stars, or spending big bucks at Universal Studios. Entertain yourself! Look up and around. Los Angeles provides a crash course in urban architecture.
Olvera Street fountain with Terminal Annex in the background.

Pico House, a notable Los Angeles Hotel, in the early days.

Decorative cornice on an old Main Street building.
Two movie theatres that are great examples of the classical architectural style.
Dept of Transportation building with church in background.
Juxtaposition of old and new, reminiscent of London's constantly changing urbanscape.

Church with Dept of Transportation building in background.

Abandoned buildings provide sad testimony to urban blight.
St. George Hotel missed the memo about luxury loft makeovers.
This building got the memo and reinvented itself as retail space.
Please note here that the advert proves once and for all that knitting is now mainstream.
Clifton's Cafeteria, Downtown restaurant.

The Professor remembers eating there 'on special occasions' when he was a child.

On our next visit, we'll have lunch there, The Professor promised.

Thanks, Los Angeles! Until next time...

I'm very excited to announce that my previous post Downtown Los Angeles: Getting There and Getting Around was selected by David McMahon as a top contender for his Post Of The Day.


ellen b. said...

Fabulous photos Willow! You really captured a great side of L.A. Oh my I forgot all about Clifton's Cafeteria. I think I ate there once when we went to the famous Bullocks clearance sale downtown!!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed all those building pictures, always interesting to see something new and different from another country. tks for the tour.

Marg said...

Thanks for sharing your non-commercial tour with us....That's what I enjoy! I love to be as local as ever.

Jientje said...

Coingratulations on the POTD award! Much deserved, I should say, I saw that post. I like this one too!

Tracy said...

THANK YOU for this fantastic pictoral tour, Willow...LA looks a dream...and love you take us to place of such variety. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mary said...


Beautiful pictures. Sometimes we forget to look up and find the beauty. Excellent post and congrats on David choosing your post.


Stacy said...

This makes me so excited to move and start exploring new place with my camera! I love your perspective. =)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Great job getting the bird in flight on the last picture.

David chose well...

nikkipolani said...

Terrific scenes of LA, Willow. Makes me want to make the trek downtown for a wander.

Sharon Lynne said...

I loved your Los Angeles Posts.

I used to eat at Cliftons, at the age of 21, when I worked in downtown Los Angeles on the 59th floor of the old UCB building. (I don't know what its called now.) I have some stories about that!

My cousins have been very involved with the funicular railway. They helped to restore it. I know there was a bad accident, and they stopped it. I thought it was back and up and running again. Now I'm curious and will check with my cousins about the latest on that.

Appreciated the architecture and your good eye for pictures. And I enjoyed your writing.

Knitting Linguist said...

I love these posts! L.A. is such a fascinating place, and one that so few people see this way. One of Rick's favorite courses in college was L.A. Art and Architecture, for exactly that reason. Thanks for sharing these with us :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your nomination. :-) I love the colour of your sky and the lush plants. Yes there certainly are so many styles of building. We are having a lot of empty shops in many towns these days, as well as undeveloped large buildings.

Dorothy said...

Congratulations, Willow! I love that post...and this one too! If I ever visit L.A., will you be my tour guide?

Anonymous said...

Loved this, so many memories and Clifton's Cafeteria!

Kathy b

Mama Mia said...

Congrats on POTD! :o) Love ALL of these photos-- you have certainly captured the heart of the city I love so much!

Ebie said...

Hi Willow, I work in downtown for 20 years now and still counting, at 7th St and Bixel adjacent to the 7th/Fig area. I take the Red Line everyday from Universal City park and Ride. There are so many sights around the city.
Clifton's when it used to be at Grand and 7th was a favorite hang out.

Glad to meet you.