Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday Fave Fives

Late August. Lasting summer. Lazy days.
My week in review.
Each week I share my five best moments in Friday's Fave Fives, hosted by Susanne.

1. Sylvia has gone to live with a new little girl, born this month. I hope Sylvia brings her many happy hours of comfort and joy.

2. The county fair. Food and Fun. Just The Professor and me.

This was once a strawberry and whipped cream covered funnel cake. We shared.

The Spinners and Weavers Guild was there, spinning and weaving. The guild members were taking turns weaving a bamboo runner.

3. Cool and foggy mornings make for pleasant walks. Every morning this week, our blue sky has been obscured by low clouds and fog. The haze usually burns off by mid afternoon. The morning cloud cover keeps the temperatures in a comfortable mid 70s range.

4. I love living in an area of Southern California where there are still large fields of market crops. I pass this and several other fields on my route to the Pacific Coast Highway where I can go either south to Malibu and Santa Monica or north to Oxnard and Ventura.

Wednesday I drove PCH south (past this field), through Malibu, to Santa Monica to spend a few precious hours with a friend. We met at Le Pain Quotidien on the Third Street Promenade and enjoyed French pastries and excellent coffee served in French mugs.

5. University faculty gathered for dinner and schmoozing Thursday evening, hosted by the library staff. The fortunate librarians have a new and fancy building that was recently dedicated as the John Spoor Broome Library, named for the benefactor of the land on which the university is built. I accompanied The Professor to the dinner and enjoyed getting reacquainted with faculty members that I usually see only once a year, at this event.

Well, here you have it. Willow's Week. It was a quiet week. And it was good.

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Marg said...

Good Morning Willow.
It hurts to see you say goodbye to Sylvia. Charlotte and Charles are just trying to cool down. They have been restless the last days. I wonder if they have some ideas as what is happening in their family.

Anyways the best to you as you enjoy a new week and all the things that come along.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sylvia will bring much happiness and you will be proud. I love the empty plate and fork showing. LOL. Too funny. Excellent FFF. Have a great Friday :) Aloha

Dorothy said...

Sylvia is adorable. I'm sure her new little girl will love her completely.

And I love a quiet week!

roxie said...

Hmm, Sylvia looks like a gentle, kindly bunny with a sparkle in her eye. She's a girl who really knows how to PLAY! You are an adoption agency for bunnies, aren't you?

What a serene, delicious week of life you have pictured for us. May it ever be so for you.

Tracy said...

Hi, Willow! A very happy today today... Sylvia is a doll, oh she will be greatly loved! You brought her to life so beautifully. Your weaving is lovely--those thread colors are so rich and vibrant. A date at the fair with the romantic... And so is the fog! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Barbara H. said...

Sylvia is adorable. I am sure she'll love her new home.

I've had funnel cakes but not with strawberry -- sounds good!

Great fave five! Have a great weekend!

Jerralea said...

Willow's Week. That has a ring to it!

Quiet weeks can be the best. We all need those!

God bless and have a great weekend!

ellen b said...

I'm looking forward to a more quiet week next week! :0)
Sylvia is so sweet. Hope she enjoys her journey.
It's pretty bad when you can look at that empty plate and have your mouth water!
See ya later....

Susanne said...

Love the rainbow of colors in the loom. So pretty. And Sylvia is adorable. I'm sure she'll be best buddies with the little girl she's gone to live with.

Heather said...

So beautiful. We just have hot weather and pine trees!

Flower said...

It is pleasant to have cool days...especially after so many hot ones! Sylvia is very cute..and what a lucky new girl who gets her!
A new nice for the school librarians!!

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, I love quiet weeks. Your pictures leave me with such a peaceful feeling.

Hazel said...

Lucky you with the cool and foggy mornings! We are oven-hot right now in Bangkok. That is so sweet about Sylvia.

Robin said...

I love how you make the simple things so sweet and meaningful!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the cooler temps all this August, too. Love that empty plate photo -- says it all ;-)

Knitting Linguist said...

Very nice! The new library is gorgeous :) And I love the picture of your foggy hills...

Heidi said...

Oh, so this is your main blog. I just visited your simple life blog. Sylvia is adorable. The weaving picture is pretty, I liked that. I almost cried when you started talking about California. I miss my son, who moved there in May of this year. He's 19. Redwood City. Apartment with his friend. I believe he is happy there, but it is very, very far from Michigan! *sigh*

Jientje said...

Silvia made me smile, and I'm sure the little baby girl will smile at her too! I absolutelu LOVED the picture of the plate with the two forks. Simple but oh so meaningful!
Temperatures mid 70's are what we're used to most of the time. If it does not rain, it's perfect!

Le Pain Quotidien? WOOT!!! I love it there!!! Aaaaah good to know they're in the States too!

Have a great week Willow!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You've had a week full of diverse and very fun faves!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful week with morning fog and shared funnel cake :) Your blog always makes me want to move back to SoCal, or at least go for a visit. I love the morning fog, its so restful.

Caroline said...

Sylvia is darling. I especially love her seed stitched ears.

violetlady said...

It sounds like you had a great week. You live in a beautiful part of the country! Willow, thanks for your comment. Did you mean I should put pix of cabins on the Violetlady blog??

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a lovely week. I am so envious of your cool mornings. It's been beastly hot here for going on two weeks now and I can't stand it.

Angie said...


First, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi!

What is better than a county fair or cool foggy mornings! Your mountains are beautiful!

Have a great week!

Kari said...

Sylvia looks so cute.
And how wonderful for you to have cool mornings.
Great Five for the week.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Willow

Sylvia is so cute! I'm she will be loved. My grandson loves his Anthony bunny.

I loved driving down the CA coast one vacation and seeing all the Del Monte farms of greens and yellows and orange. I wish I stopped to take photos but those were "pre-blog" days

We are in Denver and the "Wild West" this week doing some sightseeing. Brought my lap top around so I can keep in touch.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia is sure to delight!
Le Pain Quotidien is one of my favorite spots.
One feels rather continental.
Your week sounds peaceful and lovely.

Donnetta said...

We are eagerly waiting for the fair to come. In a few weeks we will be enjoying it as well.

I agree, nothing quite like cool mornings for refreshing walks.

Happy Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ooo I'm sure Sylvia will become a real treasure to the baby. Cake and friends and husbands are a lovely thing. I must admit now we have finished gadding about I'm looking forward to misty mornings here and walking the hounds in the woods. They don't like it too hot...or too cold.. or rainy at all. Fussy old bags! :-)

Here they grow a lot of veg too. It's still weird to me to see a field of carrots instead of maize or wheat.