Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Five

When I wrote earlier that I had been thinking of my friends, it was in anticipation of seeing two very special BFFs, one a dear 'sister' from my years living in Oregon and the other from my Los Angeles period.  My Oregon buddy is here in SoCal for a wedding, and we arranged to meet up and catch up.  There are never enough hours to say all we want, tell our stories and relate news of our children who used to play and homeschool together.  An overnight visit, early breakfast and a beach walk afforded a bit more time with my 'little sister'. Walking, chatting, laughing, sharing, coffee drinking bliss.  I love my friends!


Rose L said...

It is great to spend time with dear, long-time friends!

Caroline said...

I've so enjoyed reading your "thankful" list. It has reminded me of all of the things I have to be thankful for...and sometimes forget to appreciate.

roxie said...

Make new friends but keep the old. Ole is silver and the other gold. - - - and polish them with frequent contact.