Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Thanks

Because my computer simply will not speak with the internet connection at my daughter's house, I am unable to post any pictures.  A thousand words will not suffice to express the blessings of this week.  As usual, I have linked up to Susanne's Friday Fave Five at her blog Living To Tell The Story.

1. Visiting with long time friends who had traveled this week to the Los Angeles area to attend a wedding, catching up on what's happening with their kids and family.

2.  A quick and safe trip from Los Angeles to San Diego.  An added bonus to that was driving along the beach and seeing the beautiful blue sky and bluer ocean.

3.  Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5K Run/Walk at Balboa Park.  8a.m. on Thanksgiving morning?  It was  a great run (I walked) with 10,000 people, all of us enjoying the morning sun, crisp air and casual camaraderie.

4.  Hanging out with my kids' friends. We barely made a dent in an awesome authentic Southern Thanksgiving Dinner created by an accomplished Southern cook.  We chose our blessings to share. We played Speed Scrabble.  We laughed.  And laughed.

5.  Calls and communications from all my children (and my Professor). That was the best blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Barbara said...

To wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and what a blessed time you already have had.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

#4 sounds great! My son called from LA this morning to tell me it was 36 degrees, but is supposed to get to 65 today.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Brenda said...

I have not played speed scrabble in a very long time, but its a lot of fun! Sounds like you had a really wonderful Thanksgiving, maybe we'll get to see pictures later.

Marg said...

What else can one say when you are with both friends and family...and not needing to cook.
Good on you...There's nothing like enjoying that crisp morning walk on the ocean.

Faith said...

Awesome list of faves and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to wonderful to have family to spend time with....

Susanne said...

Mmmmm, a southern thanksgiving meal. You'll have to share what you had.

I love all the visiting that happens when a holiday comes around. Family and friends are a wonderful gift from God.