Friday, November 12, 2010

Kindness - FFF

Did you know that there is a World Kindness Day in November?  I wish we had a World Kindness Day every month, every week, and every day.  It has to start with us, you and me, if that's ever going to happen.

1. An every-week-kindness comes from Susanne who hosts Friday Fave Five.  I think that the blog world is a better place because so many people either participate in FFF or read Fave Five posts every Friday.  Thank you, Susanne, for your kindness!

2. When you make friends with the sellers at the farmers market and become one of their 'regulars', they show their kindness and appreciation by sometimes slipping a little extra produce in to your bag which is an occasional-kindness.  We have an abundance of carrots this week.

3. My husband's excellent lattes which are placed piping hot into my hands are an every-day-kindness and sometimes even a couple-times-a-day-kindness.  When I switched over to soy and almond milk, he didn't slow down at all; he just started making soy lattes. (I tell him that if he ever loses his job, he could step right in to a postion as a barrista since he is already experienced.)

4. I receive every-time-I-go-to-the-store kindness from the employees at my local Trader Joe's.  Do the managers slip little happy pills in to the staff lounge coffee or do the people just enjoy working there?  I'm not sure.  But I never encounter a grumpy or unpleasant clerk in that store.

5. My students are delightful.  Their weekly-kindness of always saying, "Thank you, Mrs. Willow!" makes me smile.  I thank them for working so hard, finishing their homework, and making me laugh over their amazing stories.

Let's not limit Kindness to only one day of the year!

Have you thought about making an extra effort to show kindness to a loved one or a stranger?  Even a simple smile can encourage someone around you. Who has impressed you this week with their kindness? 
Share something in your comments or click over to Susanne's blog (link above) and post your fave five there.


Faith said...

Most excellent FFF!!! I love it....and I really enjoy those little thank yous from my students, too! happy FFF

ellen b. said...

Kindness is a good thing. Wonderful faves!

Brenda said...

How wonderful of your husband to make you latte's every day. Think of the money you save by making them at home!

I love the way everyone at TJ's knows where items are located, so everyone can help you. That's nice.defd

Jientje said...

This is such a great post, and I agree, kindness has to start with ourselves, each and every day of the week!

Gattina said...

and it is so easy to be kind !

Jerralea said...

I agree, kindness starts with us. If only everyone practiced the Golden Rule!

Thanks for the kindness reminder! Have a great week!

roxie said...

1. God loves me every day, even though I totally have not earned it. It's pure kindness on His part.

2.Friends respond to my blog posts even when I'm a bit boring.

3. People tell me that I have helped them at work. It makes me feel SO good!

4. My husband puts up with my messy ways without even a peep of complaint.

5.People come to my tea parties prepared to enjoy themselves. A good attitude is a great kindness to a hostess.

Barbara H. said...

Little acts of kindness go a long way. I am glad you experienced a number of kindnesses this week. I need to remember to look for ways to be actively kind rather than just zooming through to get stuff done.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm with you - everyday kindnesses are the kind that make things better. I'll tell you whom I appreciate - down here, there are guys who stand on the street corners, rain or shine, selling papers for our local newspaper. They are always smiling, always ready to wave (even though I never buy a paper), and the girls and I make sure to wave back every time. It's the kind of small thing that makes our morning commute better.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Loved this post. Here's a kindness my hubby shared with me this week. Every morning before I leave, I throw the paper up to the door. He loves to read it in the morning before he leaves. He thanked me for doing that, out of the blue. So sweet. Unexpected thank yous are nice kindnesses.

Have a great week!

Bethany said...

This is why I love you!~ I find my best friends are the kindest people. And it's also why I shop at my local grocery... I've adopted a retired gentleman who works there as a stand-in grandpa, and I feel a sense of community there and at my farmer's market. Even at the Post Office and neighborhood stores... it helps to see their smiles whenever I visit, especially being so far away from all of my family.

Hazel said...

It's wonderful to be surrounded by kindness. This World Kindness Day is a great idea, and you're right - doing it not just once a year must be nicer.