Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truly Thankful

Friday.  The week before Thanksgiving.  Faves.  Five of them.

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, everyone in the United States and every American living outside the United States, is thinking about turkey and dressing, family and friends, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce.  We are also focused on being thankful.  I like the idea of being thankful and grateful all year, every day, every week.  That's why I post my Fave Five every Friday along with many other people at Living to Tell the Story which is Susanne's blog.

1. A three day visit with our daughter-in-law. Three days full of love, laughter, walks, talks.  I am so very thankful that my son married a wonderful woman who loves us and makes an effort to stay connected with us even when our boy is far away serving God and country as a military chaplain.

2. The opportunity to talk by phone with our son.

3.  Will I sound like a broken record if I state again that I am thankful that we have a fantastic local farmers market open 51 weeks a year?  I know that it is unusual to have an outdoor market selling fresh and local fruits and veggies open all year long.  We are so very fortunate!  We love shopping there every Saturday morning and supporting our local farmers.

4.  Email.  I love the almost instant access I have to students, family and friends.  This week, I've written back and forth several times with one student who ended her last email with "I can't wait for class!" and I've corresponded with friends in the Pacific Northwest and on the East Coast of the US and blogging buddies in the US and Europe.  The internet has truly changed our lives and made our world so much smaller.

5.  I love my knitting needles.  I love to knit.  I love yarn.  One knitting project accompanies me everywhere I go-in the house, in the car, to the store. I might have a few minutes to add a row or two to one of the hats, scarves or baby sweaters I'm always knitting.

What are you thankful for this week?


Kari said...

family love and connections, technology today and of course hobbies - all wonderful things to be thankful for. And of course the market - you are lucky.
Happy weekend and Happy Thanksgiving.

roxie said...

I am thankful that I'm not pregnant and no one is shooting at me. I'm thankful for a warm dry house and a full belly. I am thankful, thankful, thankful for the wonderful man who loves me and has made it his job to keep me happy. And wrapping all this up in spangled tissue and bright ribbons, I am thankful for God's amazing grace!!

ellen b. said...

Love your words about Thanksgiving.
It really is a looking forward to holiday. Wonderful faves Willow. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Carrie said...

It sounds like you have a fabulous daughter-in-law! That is such a special treat.

And e-mail is definitely something worth making the list!

Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara H. said...

So glad you got to visit with your daughter-in-law and that she feels comfortable enough to come even when your son isn't there.

I do love e-mail and cell phones ad the ability to keep in touch more often and more easily. When I was first married I could only afford to call my mom about once a month. I love that communication is much easier now!

My grandmother was like that with crocheting -- always working on a project whenever she had a few minutes here and there. I wish I could do that with cross-stitch, but the apparatus I have to use to be able to see well enough to do it -- a little magnifying glass that hangs from my neck and props against my chest -- is a little bulky and a little embarrassing to use anywhere but home.

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Your daughter in law sounds wonderful....and that is something to be thankful for. :) I love how you have a farmer's market open just about year round!
Being thankful and fostering that attitude year round is a special thing! :)
Thanks for your prayers for our family.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I have a wonderful daughter-in-law, too!

I knitted once, for a short time. I'm considering taking it up again...

Have a happy holiday week!

Brenda said...

I think there are some things we never tire of being thankful for, like your farmers market, and thats wonderful. And your knitting, its nice to have those things that comfort us.

Sharon Lynne said...

Hi, I'm catching up with your posts. I loved the beach pictures, and had fun reading the hyperboles!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

We have winter farmer's markets here. But, it's not fresh produce as I live in N.H. I love yarn as well.

Karyn said...

You are, indeed, blessed to have a DIL who takes time to be with you even when your son is not around.

I read your posts before and after this one. Loved them both!

Lisa notes... said...

What a blessing to have a godly d-i-l. I am so thankful for e-mail, too. It really has changed the way we do relationships, making friends so much more available.

Susanne said...

I love your thankful list this week. It really is about family and staying connected and the simple pleasures that bring the most joy, isn't it?

Bethany said...

I just feel so blessed to be able to write to you about anything! You are such a special person!!! xo