Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fave Fives in Mid May

It's very late on Thursday night and I am writing my Friday Fave Fives.  It's too late to be creative.  I can't think of a catchy title.  But here are Five things which have caught my attention and made me thought and grateful this week.

1.  How can a sad occasion like a memorial service be a fave?  I've thought about this a bit this week since we attended a memorial service for a friend and former co-worker in LA on Saturday.  It's always difficult and sad to see the family grieving and missing someone they love.  But I was struck by the positive attitude of our friend's husband and children.  They have hope in resurrection and that made all the difference.  It was also great to see so many of our former colleagues--it was like a big party.  I think our friend would have been pleased.

2.  He asked, "What do you want to do on Mother's Day?"  I answered, "No restaurants!"  Then I thought about it.  "Let's go for a hike."  So we did.   Yucca plants are blooming on the hillsides in Hill Canyon and Hawk Canyon where we hiked.

The wild mustard is in bloom, too.

3.  This was the last week of school.  Last week of correcting papers.  As I've stated before, "I teach for free.  They pay me to correct papers."  I enjoy my students and love watching them learn to be better writers.  But I also love my summers.  Can't. Wait.

4.  It's always so much fun to read the little cards my students give me at the end of the year.

 "Thank you for working with us so devoutedly [sic].  It has helped a bunch, and will continue to help us.  Again, thank you!"  

"Thank you for teaching me how to improve my writing.  You are a awesome teacher [sic].  You are kind, encouraging, friendly and always happy.  Have a great summer."

"Thank you for all the fun things we did in class, which helped me with my writing.  I really had lots of fun and look forward to next year.  Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall."

"Thank you for this wonderful year you helped me improve my writing oh so very much.  I made you sugar cookies but my brother ate them. :(  Thank you!!"  [NOTE:  we discussed this--and, yes, her brother really did eat all the cookies she baked.]

5.  It has been really really really hot here.  Like melt-my-chocolate-candy, blister-my-bare-feet, make-me-sweat hot.  In Southern California, heat+wind=fire. Have you heard on the news about the combination of heat, wind, and drought that is causing wild fires in California?  No good news there.  The fave is since our neighborhood burned last year, we probably aren't in danger of having another fire whip through near us.  The other part of this fave is the heat is supposed to break by the weekend, and we can have some relief from the three digit temperatures.  On the plus side, I have noticed that the heat has brought more blooms to the heat loving plants on my patio.

Heat, fire, funerals, flowers, hikes, thanks.  Quite a disparity.  This simply proves one can find blessings in all the hot messes of life.  How are you?


Tracy said...

Lovely images, Willow! It is always surprising how a memorial service can be almost a happy occasion too. I'm sorry you have lost a friend though--my heart goes out to you & your co-workers. I like alternative idea to traditional celebrations--the hike, like that! So sweet the card/messages from your students. Enjoy the summer! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. saw in some news today about CA burning... breaks the heart. Glad you think you will be safe there...

Monica said...

It is always great for us to attend a funeral of a believer. I know that doesn't sound nice but we rejoice in the fact they are with the Lord and not suffering (if they were ill) anymore. I hope my family throws a party when I exit this planet! :)
Beautiful flowers! THank you for sharing your surroundings. Will pray that the heat+wind=fire doesnt come this year to anyone!

ellen b. said...

That really is the key to find joy in the everyday hot messes of life on this earth. How exciting that your summer is beginning!

Hazel said...

A hike on Mother's Day sounds healthy and fun. The thank you note with the cookie made me smile.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

We're kindred spirits -- I could have written your #3, Willow!! Yes, the resurrection makes all the difference, doesn't it? Even with the tinge of sadness, your post communicated peace...and a smile. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely pictures from your hike! We look forward to hiking the dunes by Ludington in the next week or so. The contrast in our weather is noteworthy. We have had lots of cold and rain and are looking forward to some warm and drier weather this coming week. That means I had good spinning time, though no yard time. Mary P

elizabeth said...

I'm so glad SOMEONE enjoyed the cookies!
What super hike!
And such flowers!

Susanne said...

I love your last statement about finding blessing in the hot messes of life! So true. I'm sorry for your loss of friend and collegue. The hope of the resurrection does bring joy into a sad life event. Love the pictures from your hike. It's a nice way to spend Mother's Day! I haven't been watching the news so didn't know of the crazy heat and fires. Saying a prayer that all involved fighting it and those living near it be kept safe!

Barbara said...

Interesting post. You certainly start school Summer holidays early. Late July here. Pretty scenes and flower colours. Enjoy your break.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

A very eclectic list of favorites, but then, so is life. As you say in your last paragraph . . . something good to find in so many different things. Enjoy your summer!

Marg said...

I love how you brought a positive twist to each aspect of your life. Yes, I also attended a funeral this week, and it was such a wonderful reunion for many of us.
We've heard of the heat waves. I know have children living in Lake Tahoe region...and we hear different reports.
I love your idea about Mother's day...and we went for a bike ride. Enough eating out.
Keep looking out for your blessings as that's reflects who we really are.