Thursday, May 29, 2014


Friday always means Friday Fave Five here at Willow's Cottage.  No matter what has or hasn't happened at home or on the blog, my Fave Fives are an anchor in my week.  Susanne has been posting Friday Fave Fives for a LONG time, and I love participating because it forces encourages me to focus on thankfulness every week.  So, here they are.  My Friday Fave Fives:

1.  World's Best Neighbors.  They just put themselves up yet another notch on the list.  Due to work needing to be done on our house, we had to vacate it for a couple of nights this week.  Enter Best Neighbors Ever.  They offered to let us stay in their beach house over night.  And the place comes complete with close proximity to Hollywood Beach.

2.  Lunch out.  A friend invited me for lunch this week, let me choose the restaurant.  We chatted and had so much fun we will be making plans to meet up again this summer.

3.  More Clearing Out.  It's a great feeling to see the difference in the cottage.  So. Much. Lighter.  And it motivates me to keep on clearing.

4.  Jacaranda trees are blooming.  I think I mention these flowering trees every May.  All year they just grow and act boring.  THEN.  In May, they bloom and it's glorious.  Purple flowers in the trees, purple flowers high in the sky, spent purple petals on the ground in parking lots and streets and gardens.  I had thought jacarandas were California natives, but no, they're not.  Evidently, they're native to South America.  Wherever they originated, jacarandas certainly love our mediterranean climate.

5.  You can never have too many flower photos, right?

That's Willow's Week Wrap Up.  And I leave you with one quote:  'Thankfulness can chase away a thousand thoughts of shame.'  Emily P. Freeman


Faith said...

Oh how I love your beach photos!!!! And the flowering trees are gorgeous! Lunch out with friends and great neighbors are always a blessing! Happy weekend. Oh, I saw your comment about the hats and will be emailing you soon. Enjoy the weekend!

Tracy said...

Ooo... stay in beach house overnight--cheers to that! LOVELY views... *sigh*... Jacaranda trees are so beautiful. I wish they could grow here. ;o) We're heading Stateside next week to visit my family. Looking forward to a taste of summer there, fun times and much more. See you back in blogland soon, Willow ((HUGS))

Monica said...

Always enjoy your photos! What wonderful neighbors! That beach looks awesome!
Your place looks so full of beautiful color! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Mereknits said...

You do have lovely neighbor's I bet you enjoyed your time at the beach.

Barbara H. said...

How nice to have neighbors with a beach house who are willing to share! I could get used to views like that.

The Jacaranda trees are just gorgeous.

ellen b. said...

Those lovely Jacarandas! Nice neighbors indeed. Do they know what a beach girl you are?
Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

This is the first I've seen or even heard of a Jacaranda tree. How beautiful. Your neighbors are special people. . . .love those beach photos!

Anonymous said...

Few things feel better than decluttering....sounds like an unexpected vacation at the beach. So many good things The Lord just drops in our laps. I appreciated the quote on gratitude. And enjoyed the fotos as always! Mary P

Susanne said...

How nice of your neighbors! And what a lovely beach you had access to. Those treas are gorgeous when they are bloomed out. It is amazing the mindset that thankfulness can bring. I love that quote!

snoopydogknits said...

Beautiful pics, as always and a lovely week, b y the look of it! ROs

Gattina said...

How nice of your neighbors ! Very precious to have good neighbors, I can't complain either.

Jerralea said...

You can never have too many flower photos, that is for sure!

Love the jacarandas. I would love to see one in person. Do they have a fragrance?

What good neighbors! How cool is it they have a beach house! So blessed!