Thursday, May 01, 2014

There and Back Again

What were your favorite parts of the week?  What blessings came your way?  Here are Five Faves from my Week:  my Friday Fave Fives. (The link will take you to Susanne's blog to read what others are listing for their faves for the week.)

The second week of my Spring Break I spent in Florida.  Yeah, that sounds so---collegiate.  But I really did.  However, I didn't hang out at the beach in a bikini.  Mostly I wore my jeans and played with Zoe Grace and Liam.  On Saturday we met long time friends from when we all lived in Oregon for lunch in downtown Pensacola.  Liam thought their motorcycle was
awesome, which it totally was.

1.  What a view.  The Big Lagoon is beautiful.  If I gazed out my back window at this every day, I'd get nothing done.  My daughter and her family can see this every day (except when it's underwater like it was this week after northwest Florida was inundated with all that rain).

2.  A day at the beach. Gulf Coast style.

Cuddling a cold toddler who thinks she should be a water baby.  (I think I'll adopt this one as an honorary grandchild.)

Complete with ocean birds.

3.  Sunsets.  This photo was taken twenty four hours before the tornadoes blew through the Florida Gulf Coast.

4.  Safe flights.  Flying isn't my favorite way to travel.  But the two flights I took from Pensacola to Los Angeles were smooth and uneventful.  In my opinion, any flight I am on that lands without crashing is a success.

5.  He knows I like coming home to a clean house.  Laundry:  done.  Dishes:  clean.  It's great to travel, but it's great to be home.


Faith said...

Sounds like you had the perfect trip!! Hope your daughter etc are all safe and the tornado didn't affect them!

Susanne said...

It made me smile that even though you are not home we were still treated to beach pictures from across the country. What a view to have out your windows! I didn't realize a tornado had blown through so close to your daughter's new home. Hope they are all safe and sound.

Jerralea said...

I didn't get to comment last week but wanted to say congratulations on your new additions to the family!

Florida is the state where I spent my teen years. I think it's pretty special and I'm glad you got to go and enjoy the beaches.

Coming home to a clean home really is wonderful. There is no place like home!

Barbara H. said...

Hope your daughter and her family were safe in the storms!

Glad you had a great trip, with good flights, cuddle time with grandkids, and even beach time!

That was sweet of your husband to do some tasks around the house. It's hard to come back from a trip and then have to plunge in to housework.

ellen b. said...

Pennsacola! How did they fair during that horrendous rain fall this past week? I was wondering about them after I heard the news of so much rain falling in such a short amount of time there. Glad you made it back a clean house!

roxie said...

San Diego seems so close now, doesn't it? You'll all have to Skype a lot.

Such good news with the kids. And what lucky kids they are to have such a loving mother!

LivingforGod said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week! I like beaches and sunsets. Your husband is very thoughtful. It's always nice to come back to a clean home :).

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a blessed weekend!

Bethany said...

I have been away too long and look at all that's happened with you! I'm glad your trip was fun and you really do have a great husband too! Congrats to your family on the adoption being finished!! That is such great news! I am all smiles today thinking about you!!!

snoopydogknits said...

It looks as though a lovely time was had by all! It's always good be back home too though! Ros