Monday, May 26, 2014


Yesterday afternoon, while I was in my bedroom I heard the ubiquitous chirping of the neighborhood quail.  I always enjoy the sight and sound of the quail, so I peeked out the back window.  This is what I saw.

Tiny little baby quail.  A covey of ten itty bitty babies.

The adult quail were in a tizzy.  Somehow they had all gotten to the bottom of our slope, and those babies couldn't get back up.  No matter how much chirping the adults did, those fuzzy balls of feathers weren't able to jump, hop, or fly up those cinder blocks to get up the slope.

The chicks ran back and forth, tripping over their toes and nose diving into the cement walkway.
I sneaked around outside to catch better photos.  Those quail were frantic.

I knew we needed to help.  The Professor found a box and we started rounding them up one by one and herding them in to the box.  Ten little furballs.  Some of them I had to pick up and cradle in my hand until I could move them to the box.  

At the top of the slope the granddaddy quail was clucking, calling, and directing the operation, none too pleased at our intervention.  He didn't know what we know.  There has been a hungry gopher snake hanging around the place, too.

We released the babies at the top of the slope. 
 I hope they're safe and sound in their nest now.


Linda said...

How sweet, those little chicks. Lovely photos.

ellen b. said...

Oh look at those tiny little chicks. So glad you could intervene. I always loved seeing the quail on our walks!

Mia said...

Such cute little fluffies!!!! I felt like I was reading a thriller novel toward the end there... hope the wee things are ok!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh boy, I'm glad you were able to help out! They certainly are cute little things.

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness such Drama!!!!! I hope those babies are okay.

Eric West said...

Those babies are so cute. It's great you were able to help get them to safety.

Gracie Saylor said...

Such an exciting story, Linda! I am glad you and your husband were willing and able to help and that you took the time to share the story with us :)xx