Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Los Angeles Beach City

Redondo Beach is where a good friend of mine lives.  The city is tucked in among the beach cities south of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Whenever we are down in Los Angeles, we try to get over to see my friend and her husband (who is The Professor's friend as well). In fact, when we travel, we have permission to use their driveway as our car rental space.  Their beach town is an amazing place and we love to visit.

The Redondo Beach Pier is not your typical coastal pier with one long walkway stretching straight out from the beach into the ocean.

The pier is triangular V or horseshoe U shaped.

From the Boardwalk along the beach you can walk out over the ocean and then reconnect with the pathway farther down past the parking structures.

You can fish from the pier, stroll slowly and watch the waves roll past the pilings under the pier, or stop at Tony's for great seafood. I recommend the fish and chips. Redondo Beach Pier also has a number of touristy type shops, but usually I just pass by them without giving them a glance.

There are benches where you can sit and relax and catch your breath before jumping back on your bike (please walk it through the designated 'no riding' areas) and pedaling south to Palos Verdes.

I think we need to put our bikes on the bike rack and arrange a visit (coffee?  dinner?)!


ellen b said...

Looks like a perfect day and venue for you!

Faith said...

Looks fun!! and I"ve actually heard of Redondo beach..maybe from novels?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this beach! I spent many hours playing there as a child. Fun fact: the rocky area nestled into the U part of the pier used to be accessible for fun in the sun. If memory serves, the fire changed all that. Nonetheless, it a pretty chill pier with great spots for pier fishing or losing beach sandals. #truestory

Love staying connected on how far you and the Professor have traveled this fall! Love, Millie :)

nikkipolani said...

I've never be to Redondo Beach Pier! Now you've got me curious and craving fish... Thank you for the tips.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I scrolled around as this is my first visit and enjoyed all of your posts, just kind of landed on this middle one to comment about all .... loved reading about your travels/roadtrips (and oh so glad you made it home through all the terrible fire danger safely). We used to travel to far northern California (through far southern Oregon) pretty often when we lived full-time in the Eugene area (pre-retirement...our former life)... and so we know Humboldt County well and love it. And in later years we spent three winters RVing in Southern CA... we remember Redondo Beach fondly.... we would unhook the 5-wheel, leave it in the RV Resort and then drive around about a hundred mile circle exploring everything we could get to. Fun times, thank you for the memories. And yes it is good to have a husband who can do computer stuff....there's always something.

Down by the sea said...

That is such an unusual design for a pier! Sarah x